Last post of the month

This was the first week when I received mail on every mail day of the week, 6 days. i was overjoyed to find a package from Czech republic in the mailbox this morning.

Package, sticker and stamps.

Adorable stickers and her neat handwriting.

Presents for me :)

Greeting cards. Her birthday card is in the middle.

Cards for my wall collection.
Tea :))
And here's the presents I got from Friends. One gave me only green stuff, especially frogs *o*

And I have letetrs ready to be posted on Monday. 8 exactly.

Party time is over, time to go back to studies as well. I hope next week won't be too tiring and brings me quite enough mail.
Have a nice weekend, folks.


Lil' Kay said...

Mail on 6 days in a row.. I'm jealous :D In Finland the maximum is 5 days :) But it's nice that you've had something to do (read :D) everyday :3
And the presents you've gotten from your friends and pals seem awesome :D
I bet I'll be only asking my Finnish pals to get me stamps as a birthday present if I can't get a job :DD

Almantina said...

When I started snail mailing I remember I thought they only bring mail on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, because at first I got on these days, but then it was comming on other days and I was surprised, how funny that looks now xD
Stamps only? That wouldn't be a present at all ;/