Strolling around Vilnius #1

Today I appointed meeting a friend in the city centre, but I was too early there so went around and came by the St. Anne's and Bernardins' churches, the ones I displayed in few postcards earlier.
I took few pictures of them.
 Both churches.
 The little river nearby, it is called Vilnia and named after City name, Vilnius.
 Close-up of Bernardins' church.

 Close-up of St. Anne's church.
 It was constructed 1495–1500.
Mostly dominanting are the Brick Gothic style, the flamboyant Gothic style and the late Lithuanian Gothic style. Located right in front of the Bernadine Church, St. Anne’s Church is a very beautiful and pristine architectural structure that accurately represents Lithuanian culture and art.

Finally I met my friend, but it was awkard that we didn't knew each other until we messaged. I bought these ę bookmarks from her, she has finished Art academy and draws very interesting and beautiful things, decoates her own clothes.
 Aren't they adorable?:3
We promised to meet up when it'll be warm and go for some ice cream, because it's a shame we didn't knew each other well.
The weather is plain horrible. It's been second rainy day.


Lizzie H said...

Woah! It's so beautiful! Did you go inside? Are you allowed to take pictures inside? I love churches.. And i'm not even religious XD
Oh, and i'm sending your birthday package either tomorrow or the day after that :3

Almantina said...

I think I'll go inside next time, I'll have more time. Huh? I don't think they don't allow it, besides, they shouldn't be able to spy me doing that xD
waaa *O* I'm waiting for it <3

Bree said...
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Bree said...

WOW! Vilnius is indeed a beautiful city! Such amazing architecture! And nice bookmarks! :3

Almantina said...

That's why I love my city. Thanks for the comments ^^