Last but not least

Today, Oct.5th, got this letter from Korina, USA.
And oh look! Now I have all 4 different bonsai stamps. Wow.

Weekend is here and my plan is write as much as I can again. Wish me luck and have a nice weekend with letters too.
p.s. and watch out for the Autumn weather. I hope you all are healthy~

Green and blue

In the middle of the week got quite a lot of mail which had mostly green and blue colors in it. Take a look.
 Postcard from Korea, Ji-Yeon.
 Korean stamps.
 Blue envelope. From Usa, LJ.
 From Hulya, Turkey. Green envelope.
Another green envelope, a letter with sheeps and all the beautiful things from Marie, Germany.
All these colors are so nice to see when it's getting brown outside.

From William

Last Friday got this letter, yet it took me too long to update here. But here it is.