My first letter from New Zealand!

I got the letter from Melissa, new pal from other side of the world.
The stamp
Unfortunately, hair ties are among things I couldn't use even as much as I want to with my tomboyish lenght hair
The bracelet(with hearts) is so lovely

This was my first mail this week. Mostly my replies are going to pals at this time :D


Lizzie H said...

That bracelet is so pretty!

Marina said...

I love that wonderful color of the bracelet.. And that stamp is amazing!

Bree said...

Cool bracelet and hair ties! They are pretty! You should be able to use it when your hair grow longer :)

Almantina said...

But I won't grow hair :D

SaskiaHamilton said...

Yay a new blog to follow! I love your mail blog, it's so cute! :) Feel free to take a gander at mine :)

Almantina said...

Thank you for the follow !