First update of my NaNoWriMo novel

Only 211 words, but I better of start to do that seriously in the morning. I'm not productive at night xD

Part 1
Her fingers holding the stearing wheel were white and her eyes reflected the sunset glow. Ride is short. the baptism of his father's death to move into his house decided to itself, because this place was it meaningful. She have spent much of her childhood and teenage years, so she could not allow that the house would accrue to any rich bussinesman. Hut stood on the land, deeply intrusive into the bay. Parallel to it, on the other horn, a lighthouse stood.
 Melissa was overwhelmed. From a young age, she was cold-blooded and accumulation, never behave impulsively attack, but all carefully calculated. But now, just hearing the words''should be decided what are we gonna do with a little house ...''  immediately intervened on her mother's and father's mother's baptismal dialogue stating that she is staying in the house. Dear! her mother was surprised and looked at her only child a daughter, puberty, though she would be just fifteen years old and would have said that tonight brought her boyfriend, who is eighteen. But the old woman just looked at her with tears in the eyes of glittering diamonds and nodded, and then burrow in her old-fashioned bag of artificial skin, and pulled out a small rusting key. ''You know better''only said.

Before the start

First I have to think over what I really going to need for a whole month of obsessed writing of a novel.
  1. Favorite music. I know it will get annoying sometimes and I'll throw it away when I'll need to concentrate, but sometimes it will help to open the doors of my fantasy. So checked!
  2. Cup of tea. Make it wo. No, unlimited, because I won't be able to write a single line without my inspiring taste. Check!
  3. Spicy spicy and more spicy food. One thing that keeps my spirit up. (Still have to figure out what kind of food -_-)
  4. Cellphone. Finally it will come of any use to write down my ideas while I won't be able to be on mylaptop, like when going from one home to another, going to lectures, and home and staying there. Anywhere I'll be I'll continue on writing and then only have to move everything to computer when home ^^ Nice plan so checked!
  5. Inspiration by looking at Haruma Miura's photo I like most. OK, that's an odd idea, nut I'll pretend I'll write for him, he'll be my goal >) photo check.     
What I can promise is to update my daily writings here and it's up to you will you check on my progress and critisize my creation,  but that is wanted of course. I should be writing 1, 666 words per day. We'll see.
It's only minutes until the big start. Yosh, all set and ready to write. Bye all, it was nice knowing you. Now I'll be so observed into the world of writing. Not.

NaNoWriMo here it comes!

I'm getting exited that it's onlyt 10 hrs until the beginning. I wonder will I be able to do anything else besides writing a novel? My fingers are waiting for action already. I hope I could at leats keep my status updated here and back up my novel on backup days.



I wanted to write this a while ago, but I didn't. But I have to make myself to do that, because the event is comming nearer every day.
So what is NaNoWriMo?
NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, which is happened to be November. My new American friend has introduced this page to me and I imidiatly signed in http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/almantina and can't wait for November 1st to come! Then me and many other participants will start writing their stories, like their lives could depend on that, because when 30th day reaches the midnight and the month ends, you need to have been written 50,000 words. Writing what you want, you must write this amount, to create your story, don't worry about style, other mistakes, leave it be. Look forward. Made 50,000 words by the ened of the month? You're a winner. Not? Then try again next year.
I will participate, because I write and I want to try out myself, can I do that?? Any of you will join? If you do, let me know, we could share our thoughts and encourage each other. If I'll win, I'll publish my creating here, little by little :D So wish me luck!



Elle, thank you, I have received your postcard today :)
I was really surprised to receive a postcard and it was so cute. It looks as if it's just drawn and putted inside my mailbox. Well, she did make it and it looks professional :). Here's a picture.
I was double or triple happy, because letters came from two Finnish pals, from who I haven't heard for 2-3 months. So yeah..I'm speechles. Every single word was so missed, I even spilled my tea on me while reading one of the letters. I'm so awful :D But they made me so happy, I felt like I know them for so many years and they have written again and I felt that friendship warming up my heart.
They both had added something and Lily, one of them, still thinks this is nothing? What! I owe you, my dear, whenever I get my hands on letter paper, I'll give you joy, like you always do.
I can't wait to reply(come on, Friday!).


Shopping, letters

Hey, another week goes on and it's pretty cold in here ><. But no matter that, after lectures, yesterday went a little to the old town. Took few pictures, visited a book shop and bought some things for penpalers. Of course, sent 4 letters too.
Here's what I bought quite cheap, but in the picture there will be only three of them: two Lithuanian souvenir flags, one pretty envelope(he was the only, that's why it's one), a letter set, but it's...blank. I just realised after I opened it. Oh well, I'll make my stationery. Then 3 postcards, a map of Vilnius and...that's all xD.
Yesterday's mail received:
Yoshi from Poland
Karolina from Czech republic
I tought these lectures today won't end!-_- During the last and the longest one I was looking at my wtach every few minutes. It's so cold there, my hands were cold, I was hungry and when I am, I'm getting nervous. Finally freedom, but until I got home I had to climb up a hill, I was almost lifting my feet, but everything went blank when I found 3 letters at home! 2 letters and a package. This is what takes all the exaustion away.
Letter from South Korea
And from Russia(tea!)
And finally package from Finland.
Letters to be sent:
  • Laura, Italia
  • Tanja, Germany
  • Ofri, Israel
  • Ayaka, Japan
  • Rina, Japan


The newest mail and the most beautiful envelopes I've ever got part 1

On Thursday I received a package from Japan and that was first thing I did when came home- go to the post.
My dearest friend lives in Kyoto now for studies and since I love Kyoto the most and she already knows that, she added to books about Kyoto. One of them is the thing I needed most.
Here's about Kyoto traditions, tradional arts, about their education system and universities, not so much about all the temples, but I wanted to know more about Kyoto today.
The city is so beautiful and is surrounded by hills. In the center is Imperial Palace(Kyoto Gosho). My favorite author Haruki Murakami is also originally from Kyoto and I was very surprised he is. In the book ''Norwegian wood'' he also mentions Kyoto and some places I would like to know wether they really are or was just a fiction.
When anyone could ask me what about Japan I love the most or why did I felt in love with I would show this picture and that is the answer.

Yes, traditional houses and those narrow streets between. I always look with my hungry eyes at them in Japnaese movies, but first, in movie ''Memories of a geisha''. I would never calm down until I could finally walk there and take billions of pictures.

The Halloween is comming, huh? I thought so when I received 3 of these Japanese style present bags.
One of them had real Japanese tea, which is really delicious to me.
I even got instructions which is which.
In another there was lots of stickers, Japanese hiragana letters. I wonder where I could stick them and what words to make. At first I wanted to write Miura...xD
They are so cute :).

Here's an update of the newest postcards I received from my friends and because my stickers are finished, I can't stick them on my wall. But enjoy :)

Poland; Israel;Germany; Japan.
If I started about postcards, on October I haven't sent a single postcard through postcrossing. They do rarely send me nice postcards, so my passion for this page isn't as big, I appreciate my friend postcards more now.
Beautiful envelops. Part 1
From Rina, Japanese pen pal. She simply sticked a waist-band to look like a present and the simple envelope already looks cuter.
From My Lithuanian pen pal. With horses or with musical notes- there were some in her city, that's where I got to buy as well. And the last one I liked because she decorated herself. She often makes envelopes by herself too.
From A Finnish pen pal. First three decorated by her, followed by a green one, a cute one and a summerish one with the mots beautiful stamp. It looks yummy xD. Each of her stamp is different too.
From Swedish pen pal. Her envelops are always so colorful and so pretty.
The cutest envelops I got form this Japanese pen pal. I love the ones with Alice in Wonderland a lot and the cute one and of course with elephants..ok, they are all very nice. :)
The top one is an interesting fabric and below is an transparent envelope. Asia could only thing of such original envelops.
From Polish pen pal. Her decorations on the first and the way she wrote my name and last name on second was trully a piece of art.

First letters from Polish and Finnish pen pals. One is colorful and with nice fabric, next is black with Hello Kitty. Just lovely.
Sticker decorated envelops from Finnish pen pal.
The colorful back of the envelope from Polish pen pal.
First and the third envelops from Polish pen pal. I especially loved the way she decorated the one below.
From Slovenian pen pal. Wether it's with shoes or with a cute drawn cat, I like them both.
Handmade Hello Kitty envelope from Ameriacn pen pal. 
Decorated from Sri Lanka.
With Cute bunnies from Swedish pen pal.


This weekend

Hey all, are you fired up as I am?xD I just feel my weekend will be productive, seeing I made to reply to two long letters on Friday before it ended and I still have two long days ahead of me and these letters in this direction to reply: Laurita, my Lithuanian pen pal, I had probably made her wait again, because I had no mood this week -_-. Laura from Italy. Hm...it's really difficult for me picking up her letter, but I must do thta. The truth is that whenever I see that letter written by computer Ii feel like my motivation flies away. I try to think of a way to not insult this person and ask her to write second letter by hand. Ah, dear pen pallers and writers, can you give any supports and ideas about this question? I would really appreciate that :(.
Also, Ofri and her first letter(yes, I know I'm failing at first letters, because I have to talk about myself at what I'm not good at all), Ayaka from Japan. I haven't heard from her for almost whole summer and until now and I guess I will follow her lead to talk about what have I been doing lately. I wish she could talk more about herself and make a conversation :/. Marta from Poland- I also was asked by her to help her learn Lithuanian. Here's when I go against my I-won't-ever-be-a-teacher thing :D. Tanja from Germany and her letter which scored the most sides and made my dream of 40 sided letter come closer. Actually, that's not a dream, because it's very possible, so it's a goal and I think that every serious pen pals has a one or two goals like this :).
Joanne from Singapore. her letter came by a surprise and I was half asleep when I stalked my mailbox through door(by the way, I'll use this picture I've made earlier, so it's with a different letter.)
So I picked out her letter and ran back in bed to snooze few minutes before I strated to read. Seriously, I always go out through my door in my pajamas and I hope neighbours aren't watching xD.
It was very sweet to find this friendship wristband she bought me in Nepal. So thta little thing travelled more than I ever did(because I din't at all, and I'm envious xD).
And finally letter from Rina, another Japanese. She wants to know about Lithuania, while I want to know about Japan and we make our letters normally long :). I start to feel more and more like snail mail ambassador. They should give me a reward or something for spreading news about Lithuania to world, sending our flags, sweets and etc. and even teaching the language. We, letter writers, are often doing such job, so why government doesn't care? I would be happy enough if Lithuani had more stuff for letters, I mean cute stationery. Now I'm struggling to make paper my own or use whatever I find and curse the age of email.
I think it's enough with the post, I have plans for tomorrow- I want to show the most beautiful envelopes I've ever got and also mention one new project I have joined, which should appeal to those who are into writing novels :). And now, sweet dreams, I'm trully happy to have 9 followers. Thank you!


On Sunday I went to the city and I was expecting to buy some beautiful postcards in a flee market. Unfortunatelly, the saler didn't arrived and I didn't know wether I should walk in circles like stupid, waiitng for her, or just go home and cure my sore throat(which I didn't accomplish any way), but then I notice a stall in the shopping mall, few levels down and went there. There were many postcards in varying prices too; all kinds of flags( I have pen pals who have asked me for a Lithuanian flag) and some souvenirs. But with my wallet half empty I was lucky to find really cheap postcards and I picked few of tyhem for those who I had promise to send to. another interesting thin was really old postcards, from the Soviet union age. they were almost for free. I found 3 postcards(two identic) from my beloved little Birstonas, where I saw two buildings how they looked at 1985. One of them back then was just being built and now is being renovated. Another is an old sanatorium, now it's only ruins of a pretty place which was taken good care of and had custumors. But this postcard will be a memory forever.
The views of the Vilnius were good as well and I took a picture to remember what I bough.