Starting new month

Time to get back to studies, huh? I really don't sound excited about it, because it's two more months until exams. What is worse, some lecturists wants us to work now for the time we "lost" in practise. Then, may I ask, why did we had that practise in the first place? I'm not that rebellious as I rested quite enough during the month, but still the thought of making up for the time is stupid. Lexicology and World literature - I don't even like these subjects. It's April, but if you look through my window you'll see more snow than I could have imagined in December. And it's the third morning I wake up to find snow which would melt until afternoon, but who knows now, it should be a week like this...so much for Spring, in April.

I feel like complaining through whole post, but everything is like this.

Now searching for the bright side - got my guitar tuned yesterday. And played whole evening, but I feel helpless when I came across difficult chords. I watched videos of people playing the songs I want to learn and tried myself, but...I rather learn to dance. I still don't plan on giving up, because I love playing the guitar, but it's sad I can't play as well as I want...

Another good thing - month starting with mail. Today another letter from Poland reached me.
It was full of surprises.
More happy birthday wishes with presents.

Hello Kitty gift bag and stickers.
More sweets.
A postcard and a little magnet.
I won't let letters pile up again so I will write everyday giving at least one hour, even if I get loads of homework.
Now I feel like "ok, let's live through one more day...".

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Lizzie H said...

It's alright to complain. After all, it's bad to keep feelings locked inside! the mail you got is super cute! I like gummy bears. Only the red ones though, haha XD