It's an update

This is the other mail that I was late to update, everything that came until this week.
 Autumn in Japan.
 The astronomy stamp. And sorry for the poor quality.
 From Ana, Croatia. I could go on a tour in her city now.
 From Hristy, Bulgaria
 Karolina, Czech republic.
 Caddi, Germany.
 This box arrived from Germany too.
 Inside were the lovely stationery and envelopes with Alice in Wonderland.
 And gift with the cute letter. From Marie.
Louise, UK.


It has been a while. Time for letter updates.

I'm still confused over things since I can't get a hold of everything so there's a mess in my penpalling world too. I don't get many letters these days since I'm slow to reply and send them out but now I have an older update with all the mail I got since last time.
I feel bad for not updating more often. Sorry.

 This package and stamps in mail there are from my dear Lizzie from Sweden. She always spoils me, especially with horse things. Not sure why I have one shoe :'D
 This one with a bunch of postcards comes from Ana, Croatia. She was the one that spoiled me with postcards. But thanks to that my wall in room gotten prettier.
 Another long letter and equally amazing gifts came from Eve, USA. I just love her signature letter smell, it's either lotion or shampoo.
 From Laurita, my Lithuanian pal :)
Loooong letter that came all the way from Canada, Carolyn. I just loved the paper, some ornaments were really great. Also, notice how nicely her envelope is decorated.
These were the oldest mail, still from October. In another post I will look through the newest to catch up :)