First mail of a new month

It's March here! And my birthday draws near, but not about it, most impostantly, a month started well with a letter from Tari.
Gorgeous envelope!
The love-stamp, as expected from France ;D
One of the things that will never be too much - tea.
And finally stationery. I found her handwriting so cute, too.
It's one of my fav types of weather outside-thick fog and rain, as a beginning of spring. Watching these first steps as the world awakes again.


Lizzie H said...

The envelope is so pretty!

Almantina said...

It really is, we both love winter ;D

Tari said...

You liked my handwriting, really? A pal once told me it was too small and therefore she had big troubles to read it, so now I'm afraid D:

Almantina said...

At least, I have no troubles, so it's ok for me ^^