A day of nice encounters and awaited letter

Well, what do you know, for my last visit to school to get teacher's signatures for our protocol, I came when it was two lessons for my favorite class. I just liked them most or maybe because there was one boy looking a lot like my bias before the debut in B2ST? :D Anyway, I'll miss going to school like this.
When I came back, my mailwomen came as well.
I greated her first and she answered, when I came to my mailbox picking up the mail she asked if I'm the one writing those letters. "So  many letters you receive", she said. I said that I like snail mailing ^o^. Then she asked if I found even those bigger(packages) letters? She meant the one like Lily's yesterday and told me that she wouldn't fit it through the top of the box, so she opened the bottom and putted it.
I thanked her for all her work and she wished me a nice day.
I came inside smiling. What is more, finally Bree's letter is here.

 The envelope and the drawings.

The stamps.

Look at these horses she drew me <3
Aren't these Korean stickers the cutest?
Three cute envies.
A Tegami Bachi(Letter Bee) anime postcard she made.

Tiny envie for stamps.
 Malaysia and one Singapore stamps.
Netherland and USA stamps.
i'm so happy I already got so much mail this week. Looking forward to the next one. Have a nice weekend!


Bree said...

Finally! Happy to know that you liked what I sent you :) It's mid-term now and I'm at home for a week. :D

Almantina said...

It's really good it didn't get lost.

Destiny said...

Ahh! That last US stamp was te one I had for you. XD Oh no!

Almantina said...

aw, too bad that's the same. I have friends who collect them so if you don't mind, you can add it and I find home for it :)

Lil' Kay said...

Those stamps are to die for<3 And the whole letter looks like a present<3 :D That's just awesome :)