Yesterday dad brought mandarins from work. And it was WOOOOOOW, because I got these stickers again!
I've been collecting them since I was a child, because I have an old Christmas tree toy, which looked like mandarin and then I decided to decorate it with these stickers. They have changed in years and for a while I found none, but with these I might be able to finally finish it! Hehe, just happy about that.
And my today's joy:
2nd awesome Sherlock Holmes movie. Wanted to see this when I saw a ad on tv after Christmas. That Robert Downey Jr. is so handsome too *.* Want another movie. It kept me on the edge of the seat again.
And, no mail - the only sad thing, but the day overall was great.


Yuki guni(lnd of snow); incomming mail

The sweet Lizzie's letter brought lots of snow today with itself.

These are the best stamps ever!!!
Horses magazine and a box...
...where I can put letters I haven't replied yet too.
Letter was written on horse paper...
...and on the white one with purple ornaments.

Also, thank you for beautiful photos, they are in my album <3
Time for snow land news!

The blurry parts are because of my foolishness to not notice the camera wet there. Even the Tv tower is covered in snow.
This one with the tree is my favorite.

Berries in snow!
And my tour through Fairytale park going home(it stopped snowing before ;_;). It's not 100 percent fairytale like...it has some dark history.

Lots of snow!
And for the end:
Dad's decorations got snow hats. I haven't oved my plastic Xmas tree from the room too.

Trying to make a close-up.
It's snowing again!


Snow day

It's been snowing for few hours now <3 I found a reason to go out, because I went to post. The stamps I bought were the same I showed of before -_- I wish there were new ones soon.
Also, today got mail again. It's the first reply that came from Honk Kong, my new pen pal, Alison.
The letter...
...and the stamp
Going to start replying to letters from today again. And of course, look forward to next mail days.


Happy late night

Snow and drawing and then I came to see I have 20 folowers o.o Thank you! I wish I could offer something to You like some others :)
Also, today I finished an awesome shoujo manga and I can say I learnt from it(drawing, that is) and it's very late, but I can't get to sleep without watching my anime episode before bed :D


Newest mail

The last Greeting card came from Japan unexpectedly and I would love to share a picture of the stamps used(I forgot to take a picture of the card).
The Fuji stamp is beau-ti-ful! The best stamp from Japan I have seen so far. They do have a lot of those awfully boring postal stickers(I'm glad that Lithuania has nothing like that -_-)
And a letter, which came on my next exam day(both came on exam days :D). There I had memory problems, because the name on the envelope didn't rung any bells in my head. Huh? Who is she? Indonesia? After ten min or so I remembered a girl who promised writing me first letter and it came in two months...
Her letter was very cute and quite long. And every page was from different stationery.
The letter was so cute, as well as pictures she enclosed where she smiles so widely(most of them are from Australia!T_T)
My first stamps from Indonesia!

History from...snail mail?

I found treasure at home. Old envelopes and stamps that can teach you a lot about history until the 20th century.

Letters were more popular to write and here are the letters my sister received. Envelope art and old stamps. Aren't they nice?
close up of the stamps and they are already in my collection(not wasting good stuff).

Old postcard and stamp from Czech republic.
And here's the biggest treasure and history:
Stamps from SSRS(Soviet Union), Cuba, Belgium and from when Czech republic and Slovakia were one. I haven't dreamt of having something like this at home all the time.
Lithuanian stamps from my first letters, where I received pictures I collected, but haven't kept in touch with those girls anymore, and from the magazine I won at.



Nice to be back to my village and the computer I left for two days( maybe I'm really obsessed with it, but when I have it in my room with me, I feel at ease, without it, empty, I don't have to use it, but I want it to be there ^_^). But I came back with good mood: after an easy exam, new letter, new eps of anime, got my ordered socks, and here I found I have two more followers, it might be thanks to the interview I got in and, I'm very excited about seeing mine. penpal-of-the-week-58 here it is.



Another lovely day, ecause Laurita's letter came!
She never stops to surprise me, so let's take a look what she did this time :D
Drawing from...random lines???
first 3 pages. written on both sides.
Last two pages and the most surprising thing those long papyrus like ''pages''. Original and...fun.
Finally, stamp with birds of freedom to memorate 20 years of Independence.

And outgoing mail to Lizzie, Sweden. Just felt like decorting like that.

First letter of New Year

The first letter of the year came from Malaysia, Bree. It's her first reply and before all I knew about her was thta she's from malaysia and loves to collect stamps, but now it was a chance to get to know her more.
The envelope is colorful, reminds of summer in some way.
And she agreed on exchanging stamps and here's what I got.

Aren't they adorable?
Thank you, Bree for your reply and I'm looking forward to our penpalling onwards.