Last post of the month

This was the first week when I received mail on every mail day of the week, 6 days. i was overjoyed to find a package from Czech republic in the mailbox this morning.

Package, sticker and stamps.

Adorable stickers and her neat handwriting.

Presents for me :)

Greeting cards. Her birthday card is in the middle.

Cards for my wall collection.
Tea :))
And here's the presents I got from Friends. One gave me only green stuff, especially frogs *o*

And I have letetrs ready to be posted on Monday. 8 exactly.

Party time is over, time to go back to studies as well. I hope next week won't be too tiring and brings me quite enough mail.
Have a nice weekend, folks.


from Kinia

Hey guys, I guess this will be a great end of the week full of mail. But it was exciting in all ways possible and I never had so much fun in onw week before.
Today's mail comes from Poland and it was travelling unexpectedly long, because usually Poland-Lithuania or Lithuania-Poland takes two days for mail.
I missed this pal as I haven't heard anything from her for few months now. Let's go throught the photos.

Check out the Easter stamp - first one this year for me.
Her letter paper is adorable!

Once again I received her own graphics: Letter paper designs that were made for me, frog, for our mutual pal Muthu, bear. And the stickers *o* I was aaaawwwww-ing on them :3

Two sticker sheets(not her made ones).
Yummy snacks I'll save for later :) The poor cookie broke :(
Another Polish lesson. Or few :)
Now to put all the recent stamps and get on writing letters. Have a nice Friday everyone.


A thank you message

I took pictures with all the presents I recieved from Lily and Lizzie(my double L, love you so much ;___;), but I want to say Huge THANK YOU for everyone who wished me a happy birthday, for everyone who sent me birthday cards and even for those who still plan on sending presents.
p.s. thank you for correcting my German mistakes, I only knew Geburtstag :D That's school German after all...

Birthday mail

The weather is awful like always on March 29th, didn't surprise me now.
I thought some mail will cheer me up, but in the ened it was even worse. Why?
At first, seeing I got something seemed great and I just love the date.
And what I received from Tanja.
 "All the best, my treasure" ? wow ^^

Those cute stickers and a card with one of my favorite pictures.
Of course, the stamp, too bad not new.
I love you too, Tanja <3

This thing should be writen away, it was irritating. Sarcastically it would be: "The tea was delicious. Love, post from Italy."
How else can I thin of this: opening the envelope where I supposed to find some tea for my swap, but instead finding, literally, trash!
I never experienced such a joke before. RIP of tea like THAT and put back EMPTY bags and still send them? (I can't even put in words how mad this thought makes me) They didn't had the scent of tea anymore, obviously, taken out in Italy. I have enough faith in our post to not do anything like that. I bet you were giggling when putting back that, weren't you, mr./mrs. tea lover. Ugh, ruined mood. I cooled my head in the wind, because I would keep going in circles getting over this situation.
All I got is...that stamp. Not even funny.

I don't want to end my day's post like that so I'll share the picture of the card I found my dad left for me. It;s impossible to imagine him buying something like that. He acts so taugh and cool all the time and the card is just tooooo cute >w<


From Tiia

How happy I was getting reply from Tiia!

Yet another nice Finnish stamp and that cute picture beside my adress label <3

Leaflet and a gorgeous postcard from Stockholm. All photos are taken in sunset, so gorgeous. She visited there 10 times o.o (times Almantina went abroad = 0)
I want to visit this place one day!

Childish or not, the birthday card is cute - it has frogs on. And another card to my horse collection, from dances(because I saw the word "tanssit"), they do look like dancing :D
That reminds me, I need to study some Finnish.
Her adorable letter(with my adorable knee) and first page is in party theme :)
This week of mail has been best this month and second best this year. I hope tomorrow my mailbox gives me some presents :D

Tuesday's mail

Yup, I was so lazy to make the post yesterday, so now I have more posting today *facepalm*
I took out more stuff from the box Lizzie sent me. Prsents are wrapped up so I only saw non-present stuff.

That was my monthly magazine and found a poster inside, which took the last place inside the dressers door.
THIS drawing of 50's fashion. This is first time seeing a drawing from Lizzie and it's really good.
And a huge supply of envelopes that will probably be gone until Autumn.
And the variety of them:

 These are my favorite. Those black and white stripes remindes me of lighthouses.
And the pretty ones.

The real yesterday's mail.

From my Japanese postcard exchange pal Miyuki.

From Anette, Norway.
And all new stamps. The postcard is on my wall already <3
I also posted this letter to Eve in USA, one of the last remaining replies from February.
Another "novel", a postcard and some tea in the green envie.
And last, but not least photo is the presents for my two friends.
Parfume is for my best friend Bernadeta, because she loves perfume and I thought the bottle is so fancy and interesting "French cancan". The smell wasn't too sweet so I'm now hoping that she will like it.
Those delicious cookies that melt inside your mouth is for my highschool friend, who's born the same day as me. I don't know her that much that I know what to give her, but you can never loose by giving something so delicious.