Mail update~

Yet again with another update. This starts with a letter from my precious Michi who even sent her reply to my village and I am really glad it arrived here safely. So green!
I was also very happy to receive this beautiful card from a Finnish girl I met very accidentally(long stories are long).
Finally heard from my beloved Lithuanian pal Laurita too. As always, she sent me a bunch of various pages. The stamps were new to me too.

From Tiia, my dear Finnish pal. Oh, I got label bags, anyone can help me and tell me what to do with them? The description there made no sense :/

(honestly, I don't know why it uploads the photo upside down even if it's normal...)
Got reply and a gorgeous card from Yurie, Japan.
(yeap, it hates me out of a sudden)
Got more train tickets in this gorgeous envie.
And finally, my first postcard from sendsomething.net. From Macedonia, first one too.

I really hope blogger will get back to normal next time. I don't know what happened but I already delayed this update so I hope you will only have a nice laugh from this. Until next time~


Finally collected my mail(picture heavy)

This is all the beautiful stuff that visited my mailbox in past two weeks. Can you guess how far I'm behind now? I swear I'm going to start writing a lot from tomorrow onwards.

Cards from swaps : from China, Taiwan and Russia.

A card from Talinn, sent by my lovely Finnish pal Lily. My first Estonian card.

A moment to admire some nice new stamps.

Again, forgot to take a picture of a card that I received from Japanese pal Rina. It was a nice card with traditional mask from Noh theater, depicting old woman and a fan.(a bit is in the first picture)

Chinese stamps from the card of Chinese girl which is only in the 1st picture again(I know, forgot). They are adorable.

More train ticket swaps that built my collection so fast. They are so great.

Cards from a swap again.

From Cristina, Moldova.

From Marta, Poland.

From Yashan, China.
The stamp that is printed on the envelope.

This colorful one comes from Resuri, Mexico.

She sent me these lovely notepad sheets and an envie.

A letter and this beautiful sketch. She is one of the artists I admire.

From Deborah, France.

From Jenny, Netherlands. She just built my horse card and train ticket and card general, collections. She also wrote a long introduction letter and I enjoyed reading it. The stamps were great too, I didn't had a chance to see more of Netherlands' stamps.

From Maude, France.

Elisabeth, Norway.

Hristiyana, Bulgaria.

Shelby, USA. And a couple of one of the most pretty fb's I've seen. Still haven't decided who to pass them on.

Marlea, Australia.

Sai, Germany.

Nicole, Canada.

Oh look at the stamps.

From Tanja, Germany.

A tiny reply from Laura. And my very first bonsai stamp. That made me so happy.
Finally, Lizzie from Sweden who's always spoiling me so much with horse stuff. This time there were kpop band stickers too. And two photos of her previous horse. The stamps on the package were new to me. Overall, all was so adorable.


Last update from July

July has passed but I still have an update to do so here it is.
I got a couple of swaps with train tickets. One was from Poland.
The other one is from Austria, along with some tea.
I also got postcards.

They came from Scotland, my pal from Japan and my friend who's currently studying in Arhus, city in Denmark.
Now I realised I didn't have a picture of one more card I received...

Bunch of new stamps spotted.
And now three letters.
From Laura, Finland.
From Linnie, Scotland.
And a postcard and a letter from Eugeniya, Russia. She sent it on two different days but it arrived the same day. The gorgeous card and a glimpse of my wall with cards.
So far that's all, I still hope to get some mail when my sister comes tomorrow.