Outgoing and postcards

Yes yes yes, I finally have this stamp. I wanted it for my collection.
And the quick look on the letters I'm posting tomorrow: Norway, Ireland and France.
That would make 6 letters sent this week. When will that be received number???
And now let's look through cards, I bought them a lot and yet 3 were included in the mail so I don't have pictures.
 I found this old USA crd with cheery trees and Jefferson Memorial.
 View of Kaunas, our 2nd biggest city, in an SSRS age card.
 Look at Grab┼ítas cape.
 St. Peter and Paul's church.
 The hill of crosses.
 St. Ann's and Bernardins' churches.
 View of Vilnius city.
 Trakai castle.
 Tv tower.
 Stikli┼│ street. In front-church of Holly Ghost(Jacobin).
Vilnius Archcathedral-Basilica and Bell Tower.


Tari said...

This stamp with the snowman is amazing! *.*

Almantina said...

I know, I wanted it since November when I saw it *O*

Burstsof bubbles said...

The stamps are cute and its so nice to see mail being sent but even nicer to receive it. I always tend to get mine all at once so I always get itchy hands (instead of feet) for more letters to touch and look at.

The postcards are of such pretty places, thanks for sharing.

Almantina said...

I know it's much nicer to receive it and when it comes ta once I always feel I need some more pals so that they would write at different time.
I'm glad you enjoyed the cards.

Lil' Kay said...

The stamps are awesome (The snowflake and snowman stamps<3) and I LOVE those postcards :D