Spring holidays ^__^

Hiiii, that's me.I never did silly faces in pictures by myself before, but yesterday I made this.It's still looking normal *sigh* oh well, Today, 2011.4.23 is crazy wind and cloudy.Looks like Easter will be cold and rainy :(
It doesn't llok much like a spring, does it?I just can't waint until everything starts blooming and then I will be sitting and getting bored in school, but spend my free time in nature taking pictures.Too bad my camera broke down...I started saving money for a normal camera now.Wish me luck.Thanks.
A picture I took few mins ago before startint to type this.
I almost forgot!I got good news about my basiliks that finally started grewing.So small :(
While typing this, it started raining, always not in time >.>
Spring in Lithuania is really slow this year.In March weather was changing many times in one day, we had few warm days and then it became cold and rainy and when I finally thought it's going to be a warm spring, in the weekend it started to get cold again...Oh please, no more cold weather.

I thought of trying a new pie recipie and here are some pics from the process:

and finally, it's done after all worries and time, spent wondering how it'll look like.

Happy Easter ^>^


Saturday, April 16

Preparing for speeking exam.Noooo~ I really don't want it.I'm not sure will my speech be that good enough too.And it is scary talking in front of my teacher for five minutes O.o .
I want to apologize everybody,who is waiting for my letter, especially for replies.This week so many letters came up and I can't do nothing about  it...And I still need to buy a mobile phone, because I don't even have a proper watch to know the time, I don't have even a louzy camera and not even a mp3 player :(.
It should be my Easter holiday now, but it's actually starting in upcoming Thursday and ends in Monday -_-.


Snail mail and post crossing

Recently I do  alot of snail mail.What can I say?I love writing,meeting new people and getting to know them like this :) .I write in english and just one pen pal is from my country-Lithuanai-so we exchange letters in our native language.And it all started in 2008.I keep all my letters.Each of them has something sweet from a person who wrote it.
When I receive a letter-found it in my mail box-that moment is amazing...The joy of receiving a letter and reading,then reaplying.Moreover, I liked to sniff those letters xD, because I believe I could sense something from that other country.Wouldn't that be great to take a breath of the air from other country?Weird??/I guess so, but snail  ail is so nostalgic and every gift I receive makes me feel even happier.
And recently I have joyned postcrossing.com because my friend told me about.Wow!!!Exchanging postcards with a random person is the best idea I have heard so far!You receive a random adress and send a postcard there and then you receive a postcrad from a random person as well.
Good night!


What will happen to me???

I feel like falling apart after how I was attacked in the middle of the day and robbed.I won't be able to walk around like this ever calmly.I can shed few tears, but not a long cry because it won't help anyways.I am affraid..People,I don't want them to walk behind me, I don't want that weren't any of them at all.
How does the world feel to someone who was shocked like this?I was looking through the window while thinking how could world be so calm when there is so much crime every minute???I lost my phone and a bit of my psysichal health..I feel like I'm being targeted even more.What should I do?


I want to be in my own deserted island

I don't care.To me, you can sing like a bird, that won't make you look strange at all.And you would ask me: ,,Which bird would I be?"I won't blame you - you're not a nature child, so you don't know any names of birds.
Then I would look at you with my big eyes wide open and suddenly say: ,,I want to go to my own deserted island".My voice would sound as soft as wind, touching sand.
I would imagine me there.Alone, of course.
,,Do you like sand?", you ask again.
,,No, I just respect the way it's flexible and strong.So strong, it can lift anything".I want to lift those heavy feelings and don't brake apart.


Some words from 2011/4/8

Is it because of the rain?When I looked up, raindrops started falling into my eyes, I would start blinking and turn my head.It's the same feeling as looking to something I want so badly, but can never have it.
You're so far, yet you're in my heart.And that's why it's pounding.Sometimes it hurts.Why?You should tell me.Do you acknowledge me?I could think of million reasons why that cannot ever happen.
I want to write a letter with my tears, can I?I hope that kind of letter endures trough ages and maybe in next life you'll see it.I wish you would turn time back then and my dream could come true.