Continuing empty mailbox diaries

To fill this diarie's page, yesterday I was making Tortillas.
Anyone else who likes Mexican food?:->
Today I drew the picture I love the most so far. The character isn't mine, but it's my cutest obsession.
After coloring with pencils.
And letter done and ready to be mailed to Finland. I hope Lily will be happy with everything :->
I'm happy to see I have 32 followers o.o wow. But it looks like at least one has left me -_- But still, that's many. Thank you, guys ;)


Bree said...

Me! Me! Ohh..I love Mexican food a lot! Tortilla chips, salsa and TACOS!!! :) And WOW!! Nice drawing! I'm sure Lily will like it. And I like it too. Have you got my letter yet? :)

Almantina said...

Hooray, Bree, we should go to a Mexican restaurant together and get a bunch of spicyness <3
Thank you :)
Eh, no :( Next week? maybe...

Tari said...

Who likes Mexican food? Me! :) *raises hand*

Lil' Kay said...

MEXICAN FOOD<3 Om nom nom<3
And that envie<3 You should have seen my reaction when I saw my name on the envelope<3 :D
I seriously squeed! :D I'm so gonna love that<3

Almantina said...

Weee~ more Mexican food fans. I would have shared this with you guys!
Lily, seriously?xD I love the envelope so much myself that it'll be difficult to part with it :DDD

Lil' Kay said...

I LOVE it and I keep my fingers crossed that the postal officers will treat it with love and care :) I'd be devastated if the envie would take a lot of damage during its travel :(

Almantina said...

I hope it won't, but I still fear a little I didn't left enough space for the stamp on the top. darn rules, why can't they put stamps anywhere elese on the envelope??

Maria said...

Me!! I love mexican food! At the very first time here, when I just moved to the US, I didnt like it at all ><
Now I love it :)
I'll check if I
m the one who left your blog o.O I have been dissapearing misteriously from blogs I never left!
Have a wonderful Sunday !

Almantina said...

How nice to see so many fans of it. Too bad we don't have a restaurant here, but at least we can buy it in stores.
Ahh, that's crazy if you can disappear from following list.