Mail update June 23-29

Got so much mail in the previous week.
All the mail I got.

All the cards received from postcard swap.

New stamps spotted.

 Japanese food cards from my Taiwanese postcard pal Rita.
Oh, those berries are very familiar. I don't know the English name for them.

 Postcards arrived from my Finnish pal Lily too.
 Feels like Winter!
 This is really beautiful, going to use it as a fancy bookmark. I'm pretty sure it's a bookmark?:)
 Just started collecting train tickets and here's another one to my collection. So far I have few Lithuanian ones(boring as boredom itself), a Slovenian one and Finnish one. I can expect for a French one too, curious to see!
 Japan's postcards. They are beautiful!
 My first postcard from Korea. so what that it arrived from Finland.
 Aw, it's really cute. Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid.
 Kuroshitsuji cards!
All cards are written and "stamped"! I love my cards written, they feel completed and I like to know something about it or what does person personally thinks about what's depicted there. And i prefer stamps on the envelope, to have them easier. Well, cards goes on the wall so they wouldn't be visible there either way.

From Muthumali, Sri lanka. Oh, the vanilla tea!<3 And star is my favorite shape.

From LR. I really love typewriters!

From Alison, Hong Kong. She sent me postcards from her trip to Paris and London.

From Tiia, Finland. With her letter I received two more horse cards. It makes me feel happy when pals thinks about me like this. I also got a lot of new stamps.
 It was a surprise to see such stationery, especially when it's the lengendary yuri "Strawberry panic".
I laughed so hard when I read this. I just love engrish.


I can surprise myself too

Ok, what is that? That is not a novel, it's my longest letter I've written.
50 pages from 1st to last line. Started June 19, finished June 27th. Except for one day I wrote every day, even if just a little. Now I will miss this. And I feel envious of her, I would like to receive such letter myself :)


My longest 1st reply

And it goes to Canada, my new pal Carolyn. I hope she will enjoy reading blabber of 14 pages.
From the comments on my last post I see that you like the cat a lot :D Well, he took a liking to me and Sunday just fell asleep on my lap like that.
He was so cute that I couldn't do anything about it, but let him sleep. My heart melted. Oh, there's my future tea house.
Here it is. One day, really, one day I will finish it the way I want. And then you might come to my tea party :)


Mail update

I'm late to update, but..here's the June 21-22 mail update.
One of them is from Marta, Poland. I got a new Polish stamp.

From my new pal Lucas, USA. His letter writing style is great, I can tell he had wrote novels, I'm sure this will be an interesting contact.

And from my new pal Carolyn, from Canada. Not bad for a first letter with many pages. The cards are amazing, I love Canada. And a leaflet of coffee? Why can't it be tea? Then I would want to win tea for whole year :D
I'm still catching up with my mail, already have 4 more replies ready to be sent. But there are interruptions and diturbers. One of those is this one. He and his claws and paws.


Newest update

Finally not bothered and wrote letters. One is going to be long and I'm still continuing it, but wrote a reply to Caddi in Germany.
And a short letter to an Ukrainian girl who I found on postcard exchange and she offered to write letetrs too. I felt like making and decorating an envie to her as well.

I was nicely surprised to find my drawings from 2010 summer when me and my friend were roleplaying with anime characters and OCs.
I like Lavi from D.Gray-man, because he's a redhead too. That girl is/was me, Almantina. I made her really cool though. Badass.
We also had Allen(me) and Lenalee(my friend) from this anime and Sebastian(my friend) from Kuroshitsuji and our own characters. It's so nostalgic to remember it now.


Newest mail and books

First let's do a quick look through the last outgoing:
two more letters which I replied on Monday: to Bree in Malaysia.
And to Karolina in Czech republic.
Also, the postcards to Canada, Taiwan and Japan.

My incomming June 18-19th:
Teja, Slovenia.

 Great stamps.
Her letter and a train ticket. I wish I could collect them from various countries. Our tickets seem pretty boring.
From Melissa in USA nad her envelope that was letter itself.

Now I at least have the sakura stamps. So happy to get them.
I got a lotof greek stamps from a swap.

And also, two cards:
From my Finnish pal Tiia, who went to Bulgaria. I just love cards in interesting shapes.
And from a Chinese postcard pal.
 The Pamirs.

Love the stamps, they are new to me.

During this month I bought two more books, which means two more books started to read. I'll get them finished soon :)
Jude Deveraux "Lavender morning" dragged my attention by the cover, then I touched and felt how soft it is, never seen a book like it. The description seemed interesting and that's how I bought it. It hadn't dissapointed me.
And next was one of the books I already wanted - Audrey Niffenegger's "The time traveler's wife". It's a bit complicated to understand everything, but I hope I will.
Those who buy books, do you choose them before going to buy or like to go and search for "the one"? I have tried both ways and only once I was dissapointed by a book that I wanted to buy - that was "The horse whisperer". I didn't like it because I was anticipating for more attention to horses, not love story or maybe I was a bit younger and foolish, yet I gave the book away. I carefully choose books to buy, especially whne I see them for the first time. I like to "feel" which one will be good.