Finally! Mail!

Hooray for a Monday that brought me a letter. It's from Sri Lanka.
The envelope was talking to me and saying where to open it ^^
A stamp was new, another good thing.
In the first paper there was a frog!

My pals know that I love them, but I was still surprised, pleasantly. I love it when my pals are being creative :)

Then, I forgot to post the picture of stamps I bought on Friday. I knew they have these interesting stamps and they were added to the collection.
Hot air balloon, with colors of Lithuania's flag, is for worldwide, so I'm rather surprised it was used for my pal in Sweden.
The below one, with a basketball ball is European stamp. It says 37th European man basketball championship.


Maria said...

The frog is awesome! haha..I love seeing my pals' creativity too.

Lizzie H said...

Such a cute frog :3
And the stamps are awesome. I really love hot air balloons but i'm kinda terrified of them as well for some reason O_o

Almantina said...

Oh, you both like it too?^^
Those baloons make scary sounds, dogs are especially afraid :D