USA days

Last two newest mail came from Usa pen pals. A letter and a swap.
First of all, letter from Destiny.
Look at those stars, aren't they adorable?
It was weird that mail came later that day. It's usually between 8 and 9 am, but now it was before 10 am, when I was already out, but since I didn't had a lecture, I came home and found it. I had a weird feeling it till be there.
You know, in Lithuania kids usually call woman they don't know, Aunts. And somehow I started to call my postwoman Aunt, because I don't know her personally and I met her only few times, but now there might be a different one and I won't know that, but in this case Auntie would sound better, at least in English. So I sometimes think ''Auntie, while you bring me a letter today? Please.'' or ''Auntie, why didn't you brought any mail today? I was waiting''. This time I thought ''Why did you came so late? Maybe you knew when I'm not going to be home waiting.'' Haha, yes, I'm weird thinking like this.
But Destiny is the one who made me laugh while reading. Her letters are funny, first of all, her note, left for post workers:
Dear mail people, IF possible, could you avoid squishing this envelope! Thank you! and a little heart :D
When I saw this, it really made me laugh. This was written because inside there were three tiny stars and they still looked a little squished, but hopefully, I revived them to how they should have actually looked.

Today was even happier, because of the belated Halloween swap from Heather. Better later than never, right?
It's always amazing how people manage to add a lot of stuff and it doesn't seem like that from the outside at all.
Let's take a look here:

Candy. Extremely delicious pirate skulls and Marvel Heroes, who look like a board chalk, but then
melts on the tongue leaving a delicious taste.
Little decorations, who changed their color
in the picture no matter what.
the SPIRIT of CHILDREN wristband.
''Scary'' erasers
Glowing skull
Baloon with bats.
Cute and funny pencils, 
especially cat screaming ''EEEEK!''
This eye...no idea what's this :D
Tiny notebook on the keychain.
Pirate rubber rings. Aargh!:D

Halloween postcard <3
Vampire stickers and no, I'm not their fan.
Overall, I love these things, but I haven't found where to put some of them for a while. Now let's look forward to Christmas theme.


A sneak peak

Taking a sneak peak of package prepared fro Lizzie, to Sweden. The outside looks plane, white (hey, it's winter's color!) and only few stickers on different sides. Boring...just joking. The inside is complete opposite. It's my first Christmas ending gifts to my foreign friends, so I'm a bit nervous...what they like, what they dislike, will they be happy...so many thoughts...
Here, let's take a look at this.

Crazy idea

I just thought of counting letters I received during my snail mail experience. Maybe I was curious too, because my biggest rival is Cicero, who wrote 900 letters. Ok, I can beat that :D
2008 - 10
2009 - 16  
2010 - 24
2011 - 158 up to today :D consider 
that all these letters are replied(even twice, that happened :/)
and just few newest not replyed yet.
This number, a total of 208 has increased this year, because I started 
snail mailing with foreigneirs, so most of the letters still belong to my
Lithuanian pen pal (all in 2008-2009),
and 18 of them are now laying down
so lonely, because they were the only ones
I received from few people, who stopped. It might
happen again in the future, who knows...
I also feel curious to remember who were my first pen pals this year. So far only one of them dumped me, others remain. The most oldest ones are February 2nd from Ayaka, Japan; March 28th - Anette, Norway; March 30th - Louise, UK; April 14th - Joyce, China;April 16th - Lizzie, Sweden; April 20th - Tiia, Finland and Tanja, Germany; May4th - Frida, Sweden.
That brings nostalgic memories, because of the first experience with people around the world. I guess I will always remember how it felt to find a letter and smile widely like an idiot, but that feeling isn't gone. I still jump from happiness when I found a letter and impatient to read it right away. One difference is that I more enjoy it, no rush, have to make some tea before that too and eventually it became my ritual.
I wonder, does others, who are snail mailing, remember these first letters?
Here they are. Top, from left: three piles of this year's ones, nex two are: this year's Laurita's and next one is her first 3 year post. Below, from left: two piles of this year ones and few unreplied and the ones left out are from those who are not replying ever again...
I put all in rubber: when I receive 3 letters from one person, they go under rubber, each top on others so they will never get mixed, they won't fell without order, everything is ordered up, like in catallogue :D At least here it's perfect tidyness.
Would you like some chocolate?
These ones went to Rina, as a part of my Christmas gift for her. I hope it's avaible amount, because later I read that it's limited how many candies and chocolate you can send to USA, but unlimited to UK, Frnace, Spain, Germany...the most popular countries. I don't know about other countries tho...
And this is the lovely package that I sent to her (but before I carried it whole day with me in university) and it looks better than my messy desk xD



Again. a letter came on Saturday. Why, oh, WHY it couldn't come on Friday when I was waiting before leaving. Uh, luck is just not for me.
A postcards from her visit to Prague, horse stationery(can't get enough of horses ever) and some delicious tea, which of course I already tried :D
Now in my plans are Christmas gift sending, starting with countries to which it'll travel longest-Japan and Korea. I will complete packages for Rina and for Dayoung in upcomming two days and send them. Next up I prepared presents to Lizzie, but I decided to wait for her letter so that I could send a reply as well.



Phewwww, you can't believe how relieved I felt I won't have to do PE anymore. Physical Education, which is compulsory for first-year's too~, but dunno yet about next semester...
But don't envy me, it's because of my lesft knee trauma I didn't asked for back then, but it did helped me.
What a day! Received a letter from Tiia- I was hoping it'll come this week. She's one of my first pen pals and a very good friend. Her envelopes are always decorated or from beautiful sets. Might be a creative person, anyway~
What else I found thta I love about her is that there's different stamp with each time and they all are amazing! Finland so far has the most interesting variaty of them and I can't wait to see the next one :)
Moreover, I got three pictures. Simply beautiful~
After getting away from PE, I went to nearby shopping mall, a huge one and went to shop I already love- tiimari. All hail Finland! :D
I bought these adorable Christmas cards for my friends

And a pack of 20 green envelopes, just for Christmas too.
Finally, I had a fun evening at my friend's place with warm kakao, pie and books and listening to my old casettes where I had chances to laugh out all the stress. Ate mandarins too- feels even more and more like that special upcoming time...
Tomorrow I have no lectures, so I'm going to my village in the morning. And now I have Starry Sky ~in winter~!!!!!
I wish I had more happy days like this :D
I hope you all having a great time too and looking forward to another weekend!
Love, Almantė


New season changes

Ahh,winter is comming and I updated my blog with new template and new look and it's so refreshing. Now I can't wait for snow outside.

Letter for my Lithuanian friend and pen pal Laurita

It was a while when I wanted to make her such an amazing letter. I printed all these sheets and wrote on both sides. Just finished, took photo of each page for memory and it's prepared for registered sending, because they tend to get lost in Lithuania.
I hope she'll be happy.

Otaku overload

Loud slam into my mailbox- as if it fallen down. Mailday! The only word I can't think of, and it's something big o.O
Few moments after that I was already behind my door, in my pj like always xD and took out this package from Poland.
Yuuup, the first thing I noticed was not something else, but an otaku magazine!
I completely forgot that Marta, my pen pal, said she found this magazine, so I wasn't expecting that. Hard to believe I could forget it. I was amazed and keep on chanting OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. And for this reason: there's about one of my fav anime and manga- Bakuman>>>>>

It always inspires me to work as hard as Takagi and Mashiro, I even want to be a mangaka like them :D but I'm not that good at drawing, maube I could be only behind the story. Basically, it's manga about drawing manga. How original can it be?^_^
And second thing I saw with tears of joy (this time), was about a drama that makes me cry, whenever I watch it. Girl with an incurable illness and her struggle to be strong no matter what. She was brave...It's based on real diary written by Aya, but of course, this seems more dramatic (I read a little of original diary, but I still have a long way to go to translate it).
So- One litre of Tears (一 リットル の 涙)。

Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo.
Marta has made me happy- I though it's impossible these days and until this morning I felt really upset because of all those visits to doctors. Thta brightened mood. Hopefullly, for long.
She added a novel in Polish as well and it will be one more exercise for me in learning her language. Oh...did you know that learning language helps to avoid loosing mind? You don't want to end up in madaman's house when you're old? Learn languages :)
And finally, her letter. It was quite short tho, so the tea I had prepared (like some sacral ritual here), went to waste, but oh well, I don't loose hope I can bring her to open up more to me.
My otaku collection is poorest of any obsession I ever had - these two amazing magazines, thanks to my Polish friends. You know that you live in awesome country?



Saturday a-gain, letters like to come when I'm  ot home. This time from Slovenia. Oh, I wish I could travel to the famous Lipica stud farm and see all these beauties by my own eyes. At least, I can enjoy few of their postcards.

I know, picture quality is horrible -_-
My dear friend from Slovenia, Teja, wrote me a colorful letter and used quite many stampings :D

In the end, it's a very beautiful letter.
And one more postcard, from Belgrade. Love it in the street and night lights.
This Monday was good, because finally Laurita's letter came. I wait for them a lot, because they are always original. Lots of different paper, folded in all ways and of course, she writes just the right amount :D
She's the only one who could think of making envelope out of notebook sheet :D
And drawings like this Bat man :D
And also, letter from Rina. HELLO KITTY <333

Reading these long letters were so much fun like usual, I can even forget where am I or that I will have to go out in some time. Reading letters is a priority :D