from Kinia

Hey guys, I guess this will be a great end of the week full of mail. But it was exciting in all ways possible and I never had so much fun in onw week before.
Today's mail comes from Poland and it was travelling unexpectedly long, because usually Poland-Lithuania or Lithuania-Poland takes two days for mail.
I missed this pal as I haven't heard anything from her for few months now. Let's go throught the photos.

Check out the Easter stamp - first one this year for me.
Her letter paper is adorable!

Once again I received her own graphics: Letter paper designs that were made for me, frog, for our mutual pal Muthu, bear. And the stickers *o* I was aaaawwwww-ing on them :3

Two sticker sheets(not her made ones).
Yummy snacks I'll save for later :) The poor cookie broke :(
Another Polish lesson. Or few :)
Now to put all the recent stamps and get on writing letters. Have a nice Friday everyone.


Lil' Kay said...

I only received a letter this week and I've written reply to almost all of the short letters I had (a good thing I need something to do at all times in order not to miss my bf :D)
I hope your (and mine) next week will be a good letter week no matter what! :)
Have a great weekend and have a great time replying to letters! :)

Almantina said...

I wrote just two, but still betetr than nothing, there won't be much left.
Mine are shorter or short letters as well now and they will be done faster, but yeah, looking forward to new weak already.