This week's got mail

On Monday this
was a surprise. Inside I found a leaflet and candy from the Japanese temple.

Shinnyo is the buddhism I belong to.
I tried traditional Japanese sweets for the first time and I like their original taste. They were wrapped up so fancy too!
So many stamps. There are new ones for me in the first row, I liked it as well.
On Tuesday the letter I was worried about finally showed up. It's from my new pal from Canada.
The most creative envelope I've seen.
Lovely stationery.
He included two photos and this is a picture of his drawing. Autoportrait maybe?;D


Friday, Saturday and books

I'm going lazier with every time, so now I will have more in one post.
First it's Friday's mail. From USA and Croatia.
Then, stamps.

And I just love this stamping :3
My USA pal decorated the back of the envelope as well.
Everything that comes from her is so sweet, starting with envelope, presents and ending with a letter. Her handwriting is small and beautiful. This time she used old Amy and Tim stationery she had and wrote 9 warm pages.
Frog stickers :)
I received cute photos and a funny Valentine's day card inside a handmade envelopie(which looked absolutely sweet too).
Too bad, but no one refilled my water dish :D
And for Hello Kitty cards I had to film them, the best way to show them :)
I thought there was some junk mail, but I stalked my mailbox and found letter from Czech republic.
Ugh, volleyball on stamp?*the one who's against this game*
Ahh, her paper is so cute.
And the card I wanted. Mountains in snow is absolutely beautiful. I never saw mountains so I love cards with them. And this card gives a tremendous view of these giants.
So much great mail, I'm also doing well replying and I'll post some outgoing ones when I finish them of.

I have to love him...My dad himself gave me money so that I could go to the Book fair again. Was that pity for me sitting at home? I got ready pronto.
When I was almost there I passed a couple and heard them saying "Good to see young people going'', I would have replyed "I'm not going, I'm flying there!". Atleast I could smile to myself.
Right on time I remembered wanting to buy Dexter so I went in circles, not knowing who published it and then, yes, then I found it and even cheaper then I thought.
I love Dexter Tv show so I'll more than enjoy the books. ''Everyone's most beloved serial killer''.
For the best finale was Jack Kerouac's new, 6th Lithuanian edition of ''On the Road:Original Scroll". Now I have both-full and and not full-books.
I can say I got these books for bargain and I'm soooo going to read them now.



Great title today ''...". I don't know how to describe this day. First thing I heard when I woke up was rain -_- Two boring lectures ahead and, yeah, no mail, again :/ My own luck took pity on me so before stepping into my University I got to know that those lectures are moved to next week(whatever!:D), atleast today's nothing, lecturer went to Book fair. That's where I head out too.
I happened to met girl from my group, thw one I know well, we took one transport, but I didn't notice here until getting out and when we got out, she went the different direction. I showed her the way, well, she's still new in my town.
I took pictures, at least few, for you.

This is only in the beginning. You should see what happens in the afternoon or the weekend. And it still looks like Lithuanian's don't read much.
I like this sheep ^_^
My backpack is already full...
We saw a lecture with our lecturer. Yay, getting points for listening to it.
This is what I got :)
The last book by Jack Kerouac, ''Big Sur'', whatever that is...It just came out and since the author himself is similar to me(we're both non-Asian buddhists) I couldn't pass by without having it. I love his autobiographical style, too. I heard about this book on radio show this morning, but then I wasn't planning to buy it yet.
Jodi Picoult books. The newest one, just out today is the one with the horse, ''Plain Truth'', older one ''House Rooles'' and the oldest which I didn't bought last year, ''Harvesting the Heart'', but Lithuanian translation word by word means ''Another Life''. I asked the salesman which he would offer from those of her newest books and he said he would pick those and I decided and the last book I found elsewhere, much cheaper than in the bookstores ^_^
I don't read thin books...:D
I got these two Lithuanian herb tea bags as a gift and I'll give those to my pals.
What an interesting bookmark.
Two more beautiful bookmarks. Who wants one?^_^
Lithuanian folk clothes with a doll. I think it's a great representation of my country and there were so many women buying them so I almost found three left. I'll give away to of them.
I spent a reasonable amount at the fair fr this many big books and I'm happy about it, made me feel like singing B2ST's ''Soom''(Breath). Any other kpop fans out there?;D
For those who haven't seen, this is my current hairstyle, if possible, I'll get it really short next weekend. I love short hair, I love bangs :D
In the end, let's say a big and warm
to my beloved pal Lizzie, who's celebrating her birthday today!!!! Woo *throws confetti*.


Mail from Strawberry shortcake

On Tuesday I received this package with Lizzie's letter and another horse magazine.
Check out the cutesy stickers.
 I said the same ;D

Aw, isn't she sweet as always? And the person who left her saying such awful lies about her should fear my rage D<  She is one of my first pen pals and I love her to pieces. We're both horse maniacs, a little crancked in their heads and get on well just amazing. I understand her and I know that pen pals are her best friends, just like mine, so that person is such a dirty liar.
I said I'll go to that post which has interesting stamps and mail stickers and I did. Bought just two stamps and saw one more good I want to get my hands on.
I'm keeping myself the one with Beijing 2008 as I never had one ^^ And I don't even know what for that man is famous?? I think he doesn't have anything to do with Linguistics and not Literature, so I won't know him :D
Well, I had two days without mail already and I'm getting worried about letter from Canada, which is travelling so long to me.


Happy happy happy

I think I love Fridays, or at least whole week since last one. Yesterday was no mail day, but that didn't turned down my mood as I met my friend and watched a comedy, later went to sleep over at another one's place. We also watched a comedy :D And here's Friday and I knew I'll find mail, but didn't expected that much! 5 letters o.o
I started from the shortest to longest so the same I'll do with pictures. Let's go.
First letter from Silvia, Belgium. I already know what can I talk with her about. She used this cute paper.

 "Fresh meat".
Spring themed from Slovenia...
...with Chinese New Year stamp. Geez, I love those dragons.

Next one from Destiny, my dear USA pal. And her lovely decorated envelope, also with our flags xD
There was this beautiful poem written: Star light, Star bright/The first star I see tonoght/I wish I may, I wish I might/Have this wish I wish tonight.
Her letter with gifts. I'm wearing the green friendship bracelet and din't took it of again to take pic, sorry for that.
Tanja's letter was longer again-26 sides^_^
And we came to this pretty envelope holding lots of surprises again.

Have you ever seen letter of 30 sides? I finally did :D
She gave me 5 more pages of her stationery.
Then there was bookmark with cooking measurements-thank you, that'll be very helpful for me. And ATC...
...decotape. Very cute :)
...postcards with views, art FMA anime.
Two biggest surprises were 60 my adress labels o.O
And One Piece manga 1st volume. My 2nd real manga ><
Some statisctics: To read all these letters took nearly 2hrs
5 cups of tea
It'll take time to reply and prepare gifts
It's only year after finding first foreign pals, but in one year I have built relationships with long leters mostly from those, who I met earliest. I still keep enjoying every letter and I feel like a child finding them in my mailbox. But this week was simply amazing. I hope that you're having good mail days as well. 
And...24 followers? Wow, thanks!