No mail today, only stickers I bought on my way back when I helped the teacher with leading class.
  9 sheets with stickers, not the best there could be, but at least I'll have many of them for a while. There are different kinds and I chose cute animals.
What a beautiful day today! A real spring has came here, almost whole snow melted, sun is shining and it's warm, but wind is huge-drying of the ground. I'm glad I was able to spend more time outside. But I still wanted a letter for perfection.


Lil' Kay said...

I was so sad when I was going from store to store today but couldn't buy any stickers or papers ;;__;; Those stickers you have are just too cute!!! >3<

Almantina said...

It's a pity when that happens. I saw more stuff I would have bought, but I had enough for stickers only -_-

Lizzie H said...

Aaw! Such adorable stickers :3
Also, i must ask you. Did you send your letter with the birthday mail i got from you? Because i didn't get it in that case..

Almantina said...

noo, I sent birthday mail much earlier and I'm about to send the letter this week, hopefully tomorrow.

Lizzie H said...

Thank you. I got so worried you see :P