Birthday mail

The weather is awful like always on March 29th, didn't surprise me now.
I thought some mail will cheer me up, but in the ened it was even worse. Why?
At first, seeing I got something seemed great and I just love the date.
And what I received from Tanja.
 "All the best, my treasure" ? wow ^^

Those cute stickers and a card with one of my favorite pictures.
Of course, the stamp, too bad not new.
I love you too, Tanja <3

This thing should be writen away, it was irritating. Sarcastically it would be: "The tea was delicious. Love, post from Italy."
How else can I thin of this: opening the envelope where I supposed to find some tea for my swap, but instead finding, literally, trash!
I never experienced such a joke before. RIP of tea like THAT and put back EMPTY bags and still send them? (I can't even put in words how mad this thought makes me) They didn't had the scent of tea anymore, obviously, taken out in Italy. I have enough faith in our post to not do anything like that. I bet you were giggling when putting back that, weren't you, mr./mrs. tea lover. Ugh, ruined mood. I cooled my head in the wind, because I would keep going in circles getting over this situation.
All I got is...that stamp. Not even funny.

I don't want to end my day's post like that so I'll share the picture of the card I found my dad left for me. It;s impossible to imagine him buying something like that. He acts so taugh and cool all the time and the card is just tooooo cute >w<


Lizzie H said...

Aaw, i'm so sorry about that tea incident. How could they just put it back?
How 'bout this. To cheer you up, i'll send you lots of tea in my next letter? :)
Also, my birthday presents for you should cheer you up!
Your dad bought that card? It's adorable!

Lil' Kay said...

You had a swap and your partner didn't send anything back???
I _HATE_ people like that!!!! :< From where did you find that swapper? (have you tried postcrossing forum's tea swaps? Those _usually_ work well :))
The card your dad bought for you is the CUTEST thing ever >3<

And at least the tea thing wasn't the only thing you received :) You got proper mail as well :)

Hyvää syntymäpäivää!! :)

SaskiaHamilton said...

I'm sure "Alles Gute" means Happy Birthday in German :D
But how annoying about the tea swap - I would be very annoyed too...
Happy Birthday :D

Tari said...

I just can't believe what happened to your tea swap. How could they send something like that?!? Stupid people >.<"

By the way, literally translated, "Alles Gute" means "all the best" in German, but as Jennifer said I think in that case it's short for "Alles Gute zum Geburstag" (if I spelled it correctly) which means "Happy Birthday"

Joyeux anniversaire! (happy birthday in French ;) ) You'll get a late birthday present from me as soon as possible, as I've already told you in an other comment :)

Almantina said...

I wanted to do a swap with the person and he sent me first, but I received it like this :-<
Thank you for correcting me, my German isn't that good, I only knew Geburtstag :D
And thank you for the wishes.
And Lizzie, you don't have to, your presents already was enough for me to enjoy.

Bree said...

That tea swap was really ridiculous! Was that a joke or something? :\ Anyway, I'm happy to see that you enjoyed your birthday! :) Happy birthday and happy mailing friend!