Tuesday's mail

Yup, I was so lazy to make the post yesterday, so now I have more posting today *facepalm*
I took out more stuff from the box Lizzie sent me. Prsents are wrapped up so I only saw non-present stuff.

That was my monthly magazine and found a poster inside, which took the last place inside the dressers door.
THIS drawing of 50's fashion. This is first time seeing a drawing from Lizzie and it's really good.
And a huge supply of envelopes that will probably be gone until Autumn.
And the variety of them:

 These are my favorite. Those black and white stripes remindes me of lighthouses.
And the pretty ones.

The real yesterday's mail.

From my Japanese postcard exchange pal Miyuki.

From Anette, Norway.
And all new stamps. The postcard is on my wall already <3
I also posted this letter to Eve in USA, one of the last remaining replies from February.
Another "novel", a postcard and some tea in the green envie.
And last, but not least photo is the presents for my two friends.
Parfume is for my best friend Bernadeta, because she loves perfume and I thought the bottle is so fancy and interesting "French cancan". The smell wasn't too sweet so I'm now hoping that she will like it.
Those delicious cookies that melt inside your mouth is for my highschool friend, who's born the same day as me. I don't know her that much that I know what to give her, but you can never loose by giving something so delicious.


Lil' Kay said...

I wish I had received proper mail during this week since I'm bored and have the time to read and relax but no.. :( Maybe next week or later on this week (hopefully) :)
The black and white envelopes are lovely :D

Almantina said...

It's always like this when you have time. When you don't, they keep pilling up.
I knew it :D

Lizzie H said...

Wow, the perfume has such a nice bottle! I wonder if i can find it here, i'd love to see what the smell is like :)
And you can't go wrong with sweets!

Bree said...

Aww!! That's a lot of fabulous mail you received! Liz really can draw! So envious of the cute and colourful envies! :) And I'm missing your birthday?! T___T I'm embarassed to admit that I didn't even know when is it... I'm really sorry..

Almantina said...

Yeah it's impressing ^^
Bree, i guess I forgto to mention in the letetrs?>< it's March 29

Bree said...

Happy birthday dear! It's now March 29th in Malaysia! What a fine afternoon. :) And yes, I checked back your letters and guessed you forgot to mention it >.< Nevermind, now I know when it is!