Late update

It's really late, but tomorrow this wouldn't look at place. I got some nice mail on Friday and then on Saturday too and this post is about it.
Friday was rarely good, with 3 letters and a postcard.
Postcard from Japan, with Sumida river fireworks.
 And some nice stamps.
And letters:
From Marta, Poland.
 I was surprised about this "sticker" on the envelope.
 Star - my favorite shape.
Can someone tell me why Polish stamps are always upside down? I'm just curious, because I get them like this all the time from my pals.
Next one from Spain, Paula.
 I love the cute envelope.
 And these interesting stamps - environmental issues are still important to me and keeping our surroundings clean.
And the cute stationery with tea and all the stamps - filling up my collection.
And from Tanja, Germany. She replied fast and letetr came fast - just perfect!
I literally did a happy dance with all this mail I took out that morning. Even if neighbors saw me, let them know I'm happy.

Letter on Saturday was a surprise and I found it on Sunday, when I came back.
It was the promised first letetr from an Australian girl Marlea and when I read about the farm where she lives, with a mountain view from her window I thought "I want to see that too" and it's what I like about Australia, I pictured something similar to what I saw in movie "Australia".

What a cute stamp with koala.

I even replied/finished replying to some letters this weekend.
Though the notebook I used and envelopes are the same for almost all the letters.

 Finished reply to Laurita, which took longer.
 To Sara, whose letter I got on Thursday.
 To Marta.
And to Paula.
Replied to shorter ones hoping that until the end of exams I won't have all the letters at my place. And...oh no, keeping my promise to not write from Monday.


Start to pile up again

Two more letters received today. I bet they will have to wait until June 15, which means that it's time to pile up my letter pile again. I never thought I'll be crawing for that.
What did I got today?
This one haven't left Canada yet and got damaged.

A doodle on the envie.
Admirding the stamps. They will be for exchange, already had each.
I love the paper he, my only male pal, used. Bamboo!
Got another drawing printed. I wish I had space to hang it.
 Got a freindship book, but I don't know who to pass it on to.
 Next letter was from Italy, with instant tea inside. I'll try it in Summer with some ice cubes.
Today was my last lecture. i can't believe there are no more lectures until September again. But exams are upcomming so I'm not joyous about anything yet. Cross fingers on Monday for me so that I would pass some test which I have to take if I want to choose editing next year. I'm curious how hard the test will be :/



On Tuesday I replied to 2 out of 3 letters received on Monday.
 To Norway.
To Moldova.

Today another unexpected card came from Lily.
Sorry that it's blurry, but this is one more new stamp :)

Actually, I'm moody right now and the only cause of it, that I can think off, is a woman, who touched me and told me to give a seat to an old woman. I was in the middle of reading my book and I hate when someone touches me and tells me what to do. So yeah, I guess that's the reason. Plus, it's hot. Windy, but still hot.


I'm finally lucky too

Hello everyone, how have you been? Hope that your weekend was as fine as mine. First of all, I want to show you my reply I have written to Michi. Never wrote that much before, I think so :D
It's on the way now ;3
This is the best proof that there are no limits in snail mail, especially between me and Michi. Our conversations are endless, it's like a real enjoyable talk with her. Let the words fill the pages :)
I also sent a bunch of introduction letters, wish me luck to gain new good pals :)

Now onto Monday's mail and yes, three letters!
First one is from Anette, my Norwegian pal. She used horse stationery <3
Next one comes from Moldova, my pal Cristina.
 And new stamps!
Finally, I got a long awaited letter from Laurita, the longest snail mail contact I have ever had and on top of that, she's my best friend.
Here is the envelope, we have to use registered mail in LITHUANIA >.> to avoid our huge letters getting lost -_-

 At least a new stamp was found.
The small ones are old like hell :D
There were some goodies inside.
 Cute notebook sheets, quite a few of them.
 A stamp from Netherlands when she used to saty there for a while.
 A very late birthday gift - matching with hers - phone bag :3 with a handsome anime guy <3
Belated Easter wishes :D
Instead of one letter I feel like I got three of them, with 3 parts and three envelopes.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
I feel like I received 5 letters instead of 3 :3
Hoping for more mail to come, but after this week I'll stop writing until June 15 (can I even live without writing until then?) and then I'll see will I have a pile to reply or not, hopefully, yes :D
Have a nice week of mail, even though many others are being really lucky compared to me :/


Hello, today my mailbox was visited by my second postcard pal, from Taiwan.
Look at the cuteness of the envelope.

 Translation, please?;D
Of course, the stamps are beautiful likewise.

Here are the postcards. I'm extremely happy about them, especially the one with the train. They are gorgeous.
 There was also a cutout from the newspaper.
 A card from a pet shop.
And various cute notebooks' sheets.
I'm going to send much mail today again, but I look forward for that much back ><