It's December!

Can you believe it? It's December again and Christmas is just in three weeks. Which means I have three weeks of this semester left and then starts my holidays before exams.
I still have mail from November and I will start with it.
There's a letter from Belgium which I missed out in the folder with pictures once and just noticed it from the end of October.
 This one from Silvia.

Now the latest mail.
First one from lovely Tanja, Germany.
 From Rina, Japan. I was really surprised, because I last heard from her in January.
 P.S.Japanese snacks are always delicious and they are so different from what we have.
 This one in forest theme came from France, Tari. Her letters are enjoyable reading adventure.
 Previous week I was really spoiled by all of my Finnish friends. On Tuesday received the package from my internet friend Minttu who sent me a cd of my favorite Korean band, since she got another one. It's really a special girt to me, because it's my first album of the band and first album at all. I'm still so happy that I can't put it away and leave it alone. Also got two snacks, one of them (!) Green tea kit kat. Dreams coming true, now I won't forget the taste of it :)
 The delicious kit kat. I have never had tried powdered green tea but tried Sencha. If you ever had it you can imagine the taste too. Of course, a bit more sweeter than natural tea ;)
 On Thursday was spoiled by two other Finnish girls. Postcard from Lapland by Lily.
 The stamp is gorgeous.
 And from Tiia. Christmas greeting card, letter(one page in Christmas theme), tea, photos(the other one depicting her so it's not in here), brochure from train museum, train tickets and some stamps. She is a pal who will deffinately take in consider time of the year, any bigger holidays which is always nice.
 As a difference to it a Halloween themed letter came from USA, Nicole. Got two more FB's and now I have 4 of them. Who to send them?:/ The last letter of November.

And here's the first one of December, from USA again, Laura.

It's already time to prepare and send Christmas cards. I hope to make an update of that as well with the outgoing mail, because I can't quite remember the last time I did that.
I wish you all to get some snow soon because I'm hoping for it too.