Monday, a lot to post

Finally there are things to post, like one important thing - my first ever received leter in 2002.

This is all that remains, the letter, not even an envelope is left, maybe my sis has thrown it away with the 2nd one, because I'm sure we exchanged two letetrs and...I don't know what happened next.
Also, I got a letter today finally, from Kendra. She typed her letter, but it was still nice and I got to know her. I would have wiggled my tail if I had one when I heard I got mail, at least I did a happy dance and ran to grab it from the mailbox.
This time posting only the stamps.
I also did some shopping today.
I really wanted this paper for decoupage, but it's so expensive for a one sheet!

Those are scrapbooking stickers, there were few more different ornaments. Anyone, who are into scrapping need them? I could get them for you :)
These adorable decorative clothe pins! I want them all.
I prepared a birthday package for my pal Karolina.
I'm thinking of adding some tea as well, because she likes it.
And a Hello Kitty notebook for letters.

And that's how the pages looks like.
I also posted Lily's letter, I hope it will come to her fast :)


Lizzie H said...

Those cloth pins are so colorful! I wonder if there any like those in Sweden.. Probably not D:
And the stickers are adorable<3

Almantina said...

There should be. Seems like thse decorative pins became popular :0 Yes, the stickers were very cute ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Almantina,
I came across your blog by chance. I'm very interested with the scrapbooking stickers (the ones in silver and gold). Would you like to do a swap?

Lil' Kay said...

Your first ever received letter is from 2002? :)
And I hope your pal will like the present you're preparing for her! ^^
And thank you for the letter<3