From Heather

I love stalking my mailbox first thing in the morning and it's the only morning in this week I could do that.
There was this nice letter from USA.

Check out the flower-printed envelope from both sides.
Cute stickers.
Twinings is the most famous tea I recive from my pals. I wonder how come we don't have it in Lithuania?
All Valentine day's wishes and now I feel like I got the most this year.
Two cards and I already know who will be greated with them.
I had no idea this week will have such great mail, but now I'm going to get more replies, as possible done. The problem is that I lack envelopes :'(


Lizzie H said...

You have a lack of envelopes? I have too many! Around 50 unused envelopes, just laying here, waiting to be used.. I'll send all of them to you next time!

Almantina said...

all of them? Oh wow, I'm speechless. But they will surely come in handy.