From Tiia

How happy I was getting reply from Tiia!

Yet another nice Finnish stamp and that cute picture beside my adress label <3

Leaflet and a gorgeous postcard from Stockholm. All photos are taken in sunset, so gorgeous. She visited there 10 times o.o (times Almantina went abroad = 0)
I want to visit this place one day!

Childish or not, the birthday card is cute - it has frogs on. And another card to my horse collection, from dances(because I saw the word "tanssit"), they do look like dancing :D
That reminds me, I need to study some Finnish.
Her adorable letter(with my adorable knee) and first page is in party theme :)
This week of mail has been best this month and second best this year. I hope tomorrow my mailbox gives me some presents :D


Lizzie H said...

Stockholm is beautiful in some places. But i hate it. It's really gray and everyone thinks they're betetr than you. Heck, even the shopkeepers don't know how to smile! Anyway, the frog card was adorable :3
So were the letters! Very colorful :)

Almantina said...

I wouldn't mind people, I want to see the city with the beautiful architecture :)