Colorful letter

Such letter came from Finland, Tiia, today.
I love everything - envelope, stamp, letter itself, all these old stamps and the postcard with sunset pictures.


Slow mail days

Hey guys, I have been slowly writing replies and I think they either in my hands, just sent, just ready to be sent or...I'm not sure where the rest of my pals are but I do hope they don't forget about me while I keep remembering them and wondering how are they doing.
Now I present you the latest pieces and I fear I won't get anything else for some time. That emptyness is scary, actually.

This lovely letter comes from Teja, Slovenia. The postcards is from her trip to Croatia. And I must say I really loved the tea - I never thought rooibos + vanilla could taste so good.
Not getting along with my camera I think. And photos are upside down no matter what I do. That technology.

From Lina, Germany. The unexpected letter that cheered me up. She included two postcards from Japan and...lot's of train tickets! And each of them has a story in the letter, can you believe it?

And a card from Canada, William. It surely fits in my horse card collection.
A long weekend awaits me,  I hope to catch up with as many letters as I can.


Beautiful update

And when I didn't thought I'll receive anything more lately due to my slowness in replying and beung behind mail, I still got spoiled.
These three are from the previous week - Wednesday to Saturday.
 From Ana, Croatia. Her last letter went missing and it's the saddest thing.
 Lots of hugs from Germany came from Tanja.
From Bree, Malaysia.
This week:
Postcard from Estonia, via Sendsomething.
Next was from Alison, Hong Kong...
 And gifts from Japan.
Finally, today I received a card from Egypt and letter from Tari, France.

 The close-up on stamps:
 And here's my reply and envie for Michi. I took long to reply to her and after everything was done I just had to take a picture of it. I hope she'll like it.


After procrastination

Yes, I was procrastinating so much that I can't believe it. The new semester started previous week and that's not helping at all, but here's the new-old mail update :)

Letters that came in the end of Summer and very beginning of the Autumn.
Look at this cute Japanese mailbox, the map-envie and cute first letter from Anna, Spain. It reached me safely and we were worried for no reason.

Another reply from Deborah, France.

From my dear UK pal Louise.

From Karolina, Czech republic. And a couple of beautiful postcards.


I got two cards - from Finland and Turkey.
And stamps.

More train tickets, from Italy. Though one is French. I'm so happy that my train collection grew so fast.

Then this card-letter arrived. From USA.

Postcards from Taiwanese postcard pal who moved to Chicago.

From Sai, Germany. I love the horse stationery and tram stamp.

From Anette, Norway.

Another unexpected postcard from Lily, Finland and it was a sweet surprise.