Little update

No new incoming mail lately, but at least here's a picture of outgoing mail I sent this week, 7 letters.

 This was the best discovery - letter paper pads.

All of them. Finally I could find and buy this in my city, I'm just looking forward to finding more of them and writing beautiful letters from now on.
I also bought more postcards and ready to send them with my letters.


The actual first year post(picture heavy)

Hey, I've got quite a nice bunch mail this month and it's not over yet. Some of them were from last year but I only saw it in this year. Let's look through.
 From Norway, Anette.
 This was the first time I was contacted thanks to my adress in FB, it was a nice surprise. From Finland.
 Christmas card from South Korea, Odette.
 She also sent me this necklace.
 From Bree, Malaysia. I opened it it on January 5th only.
 This was inside of gifts. And a letter.
 Two packages I got before Christmas.
One was from Japan.

 The other one is from Germany.
 Christmas ornaments...
 ...and cup with candy from Germany. Such a lovely present.

 Traditional sweets and coffee from Japan.

 Also got a Christmas card from Japan too.

 This is how that coffee looked like. pretty interesting way to put it in the cup and easy to use.

From Shelby, USA.
 From Teja, Slovenia. Along with some pictures she sent me.
 Tanja, Germany.
Curious, Mexico.
 Ana, Croatia. She gave this to my hands when she came over here. My first meeting with a foreign pal :)
And last one came from France, Tari. The lenght of the letter is amazing. 14 pages with these small letters.


First post of 2013

I wanted it to be a new update but of course, I'm most of the time behind with it.
First of all, happy New Year, I wish you the best in snail mailing and life this year.
Now to get on with the late mail that came in the old year.
I have got some nice postcards and gifts along with letters.
Letter and card from Linnie, Scotland.

 Handmade bookmark.
 The letter and card from Laurita, my Lithuanian mate.
 Lizzie's letter is in Christmas mood too.
 Many adorable stamps, it's fishing theme~

The horse magazines, card(quite funny) and presents. There was a big lollipop and horse posters. I wasn't peeking either.

Interesting card from Eve, USA.
 From my internet friend.

What a lovely card from Germany.