March 14th outgoing

I posted this week's letters and I'm happy to say only 3 remain unsent, one more is being replied to.
 Postcard to Japan.
 To Sweden.
 To Germany. The one of 36 pages ;D
And to Poland.
I really have to do something about my problem. Most of the letters came in February and now all days are empty. I want that my pals wouldn't reply the same day they receive, but not after few months as well. It's not fun when there are periods like these. Incomming and empty :'(


Lizzie H said...

Agreed. It's sad when you don't get mail in a long while. I almost always finish my reply to them the day it arrives! It seems though that many exams are this year and everyones life is depending on it.. Oh well, atleast some pen pals still reply fast :)

Michi~ said...

For me? Is it for me~? @w@

Almantina said...

I'm having exams now twice per year -_- it's horrible.
No, dear, I'm still making something and I hope you'll like the idea I'm trying out for the first time. It will be a first leter like this, but I hope to catch up to it soon.

William F. Whaley said...

When I have long periods without letters, I spend time looking for more people to write to. So far, I found one tonight.

Almantina said...

Great to hear that ;) I hope you'll become long-term pals.