Here comes the mail

Today was one of the rare occasions to receive 3 letters. It was amazing.
I love the Norwegian car stamp. Did you knew that I like cars?:3
I got another card from her and read on Wiki to understand what it means and that lloks super cool: such a school in Norway where you have those cards, special hats and you're a well-known "Russ" and people will want those funny cards from you. Oh my, I wish we had something like this, I would have wore the hat proudly and carried those cards. So awesome and I feel special having two cards already X3
All hail Finnish stamps, this time it's angry birds in ice hockey.
Love the cute envie.
And the stationery. It's the only letter I haven't read and because it's a day of tomorrow, I'm saving such a long letter for then :D
A card from her city.
A photo of a lighthouse? Say no more!
Lovely decorations on the envie from Poland. Snail mail is absolutely forever.

My first French lessons(after long time xD)
And two cute stickers in the letter.

I just love this time of the year! I'm going to take even more pictures no matter if I'll take pictures of the same trees every year, but it's really gorgeous outside.
 Here are the books I dragged home today x.x The top one is mine, but I have to read them all(not whole, of course) and there are 3 more waiting in another library. That's life of Lithuanian philologist. Sigh


Incomming and outgoing of the week

Finally decided to make a post about the mail of this week. Let's start with outgoing.
Pile of letters sent/waiting to be sent.
Postcards to Taiwan.
Top: to Switzerland.
Below: to Japan.
This will be a reminder to me.
My reply to German pal. Shorter than previous, only 21 page :)

And now incomming.
On Tuesday these two lovely letters came to my mailbox:
A Norwegian stamp never seen before.
Love the piano tape.
Lisa's reply in various nice stationery and...yes, tea!
Then there's letter from Slovenia and a card with an amazing view.
Today air mail from Russia came flying.
And Kamchatka card for my wall collection.
Here's a choco I got from my friend. Meow~

Now I have lot's of time with a long weekend starting now and...only 3 letters to reply. That is seriously unfair.


Let's ignore some words in my last post - the mail came later today :D

It was an unexpected card from Lily.
It explained a lot and I understand you, dear, I'll wait for your reply as long as you need to write it.

A 22 pages of a novel letter as a reply from Germany. It's so lovely and I'll have something to do in the upcomming days :)
There were some stickers too.

Look at the pack of 10 nice envies I found. Next time I'll get a different one which I liked as well.

I also changed some books in the library. One of them is Stephen King's "Pet cemetary", because someone advised it to me.
But I also found reader notes and I would have laughed out loud if I weren't inside the library.
Here's one, with some grammar mistakes and it's written by a boy obviously. He wrote: "Don't you ever dare to read this book. I'm serious. If you're only 16 years old you'll feel really bad and the world will seem so horrible to you...
by reader".
I already know how world can be horrible and I'm 20 so what the heck xDDD

The next one was written in Taurage, another Lithuania's city(I wonder how did it got there?). This fellow pissed me off with those mistakes, but I'll write as normal as possible in translation: "I don't read books, but I made myself read this. It makes you feel like you live through it too. He lost his mind[what?>_<].., but I felt really really bad. I read it in 4 days, I couldn't stop, I read 100 pages in a week, but these pages were reading themselves[stupid stupid grammar mistakes >_<] and I couldn't stop."
I hate this guy  xD
Now the book look even more interesting than before and can't wait to try it out :D
When I decided to take "Pride and Prejudice" non of the 3 usual books were there >_<
Most importantly, today I didn't felt like myself - not awkward, no problems in talking to people normally, I felt full of energy, while yesterday there was a WW 3 in my stomach. Strange things...


Since I didn't got anymore mail this week(I knew it), I decided to post about the belated birthday gift I received from USA.
It was impossible to take a picture of the tiny turtle and tinier piece with my name inside, but I have to say it was the most unique present I got.
 Birthday cake-themed tape!

The lovely card. When i push the ladybug, "happy birthday" tune starts playing.
It's raining two days in a row...if I wouldn't have English lecture today I would have finished the remaining mail replies until afternoon. I'm on the longest reply I had and only two more letetrs waiting. I believe my plan for the weekend will be reading books, to keep myself busy.
I didn't had mail to reply for a while now :/



Nothing can be more exciting than coming home on a cold and rainy day and finding a letter waititng for you. It's cute any way you look at it.
 First of all, the back of the envelope.
Spring is in the stamps!
 Easter stickers.

Dutch lesson.

A Belgium coin.
Colorful letter with loads of adorable stickers. "Peekeboo" - that's how she started the letter ^^
This letter is so colorful that I can't believe how grey the sky looks like.
Need more Spring!:D


Happy Saturday

Of course, it's wonderful I got mail today, but now I don't know any more ail coming my way and I was expecting these two to come next week. Why am I nagging here?
I stayed at home, because I'm attending birthday party later today. The weather is just fine and if yesterday I fel apathetic then today I'm hyper. I have the energy of whole world.
I haven't heard from Ai-chan for a long while and I received this cute letter from her:
There were many cute stickers as well. Only apple one didn't want to be pictured.

Look at these cute little gifts:
Next letetr was from Tari. Like promised, her own made air mail envie <3
The stamp I was anticipating for so much. And now with horse and lighthouse stamps it's one of my biggest treasures.
And another stamp that looks so interesting.
The card, take a look at it, it has mail!<3
Tea, no comments needed :)
A birthday present is my new key buddy <3

And lastly, cute letter itself.
What else is good, that I'm finally having a good hair day again. This whole week it killed me with having no form.

I also have some fun stuff, letter related.
Letters in anime!
While watching I took some screencaps. The first one is from anime "Another", if I remember correctly and others from "InuxBoku SS" both aired in this Winter's season and I liked both.

 Tea and letters always goes well together.
 Decisions decisions...
 I would have taken the pink one, because I like those Asian type of envelopes and the color.
Have a nice weekend.