The beauty of my country side and Birstonas.part 1

Here I have some photos I want to share with you.
I have posted one photo in winter coat and now it's time for summer updates.
 ''It's funny, how picture can take a moment, and save it for all eternity.''

What a shame we haven't got sakuras, but we do have our cherries and plums and apple treas.

What was new in this spring of mine

First of all, I was dreaming sick last summer of buying many different flowers and all kinds of herbals.I was reading a lot of info and so far I've got a list of plants, I would like to have.
And then spring came.It's the best time for growing something new and I finally did it.
This year became some kind of Orchid mania.I've got two of them for birthday and and another one I've bought myself.
Blue is such a color, that finding it in the nature is almost a miracle.It's alright if it's a flower.Like mines.She was blooming so long that I even thought she could be not real, but then she stopped for a while and now she has blossoms again.She probably likes my home.
I've made an interesting pic with her above.

Flowers, herbals, all plants gives some color and spice for us.Herbal tea is my favourite thing in the winter and what could be better than a blooming flower in your room, when it's white and cold outside?
Well, my future carrier will be close to flowers and other plants so it's natural for me to have more and more and all kinds of them.
And I have a big wish- I want to make a Jpanese style garden at my home in village.I have tea-house-looking-house :D and I have space.Now I'm searching for info and planning.Wish me luck.