This is just one photo from this winter.Just looking to this photo makes me happy.i l ike winter, when it's this pretty.It was just a first morning after snow, not very cold, but there was some wind.and the view-fantastic!That river, you can see, is our Nemunas.Biggest river in our country.Lithuania.I am standing higher than all those trees, i call it the egde of the world.

Now there is another good photo from the same day
That tree looks so lonely, doesn't he?
Do you like winter?Or photography?Tell me about that, maybe we find what to chat about.


saying "hi"

Hi to all, this is my first blog here and i wish i write something interesting, what you will enjoy reeding.anyway, please help ^^
i am from Lithuania, my name is AlmantÄ—, but call me Almantina, or if you a japanese-Aruma
well, this is all, i need to think what to write :D