Here comes mail

And just after yesterday's post I got a letter today, from Destiny who I missed not hearing from for a long. Good news, she's back in penpalling.

 Including bonsai cards that matches the stamps.
 ...and sakura cards with their envelopes.
And finally, this long letter. They are just so enjoyable, especially from a good friend.

I hope to reply to some letters during the weekend.


Hey guys

I'm still alive just not really active, yet I don't have much to say lately, so busy with studies that I reply to mail really slow and as a result, it reaches me slow as well. Over the past months I lost pals, gained few new but it's still very quiet lately.
I can only enjoy the manga in this post. I ordered it around two weeks ago and received it yesterday. "Natsume's book of friends"(Natsume Yuujincho) is one of my favorite manga and I wish to collect all volumes.
Here how it looks like.
And here's my pile of letters waiting to be replied D:

That's it. I'll try to be active again, when I have things to update. Until then.