Monday updates with picture overload

Haha, I don't know where to start. It's always like that when I'm too excited.
Let it be some shopping I did.
I bought 10 green enevelopes and my favorite pen ink hearts. I don't buy pens now(they are hard to find anyway), instead, I get those hearts. And today last heart died.

And look at these asian girl figures, picture holders I saw.

And there's me with a friend trying out those funny hats. I liked the black one most xD

Now on to the mail.
This lovely letter from USA pal Shelby.
And then...
Huge HUGE birthday present box from Sweden.
I swear, I haven't seen what's inside, unlike my dad, who I asked to open it and take the letter(and he obviously looked through the stuff).
That's all I could see now, promise.
So many stamps.
This box will tease me until Friday, as well as Lily's package, but at least I hid that one where I couldn't see it and this won't be hidden that easily. I'm sure that box is mocking me.
Birthday card <3
Lizzie's letter <3

Love the Hello Kitty tape and ornamentic decorations out of soft fabric.

 Hello Kitty-Sherlock Holmes - my favorite *o*

All the adorable stickers.
I can't believe my birthday is on Thursday o.o but I'm celebrating on Friday so it's my strong will power's testing :D
Have a nice mail week!
Oh wait, this is my current obsession. You MUST hear her voice, it's amazing.


Tari said...

I'm preparing something for your birthday as well, but you'll get it with my letter after your birthday, so you won't have to wait to open it! :D

Lizzie H said...

Wow. That's a lot more stamps than i expected XD But you may open one present before your birthday, i wrote that somewhere :3

Anonymous said...

That looks like exciting mail :D I would be way too excited to get it all, waiting to get your mail is horrible and exciting at the same time :D

Almantina said...

Aw, Tari, that is really swet of you :3
Really? I'm so afraid to peek in, but I'll try, I'm so curious and my hands are itchy.
Sabrina, first of all, thankd for the follow. And yes, everything about snail mailing is exciting :)

Lil' Kay said...

Aww, I wanna go shopping! I need new pens and some led for my pen I tend to write my letters with :S (almost no money until next week's Wednesday! >__<) Love the hats, btw! ;)
I wish I'd be receiving some mail but it's all my fault for not replying to any letters (except for the 3 I wrote during the weekend) for a month now (I'm blaming S for snatching all my free time ;D)
The letters you got seem interesting and I feel bad for sending such an uninteresting package for your birthday :< Send it back, I'm sending you a new one xDD (hopefully I remembered to add the birthday card to the package!! :S)

Destiny said...

I'm planning a present as well, but it will probably be late. There's something I have to find first. XD