USA days

Last two newest mail came from Usa pen pals. A letter and a swap.
First of all, letter from Destiny.
Look at those stars, aren't they adorable?
It was weird that mail came later that day. It's usually between 8 and 9 am, but now it was before 10 am, when I was already out, but since I didn't had a lecture, I came home and found it. I had a weird feeling it till be there.
You know, in Lithuania kids usually call woman they don't know, Aunts. And somehow I started to call my postwoman Aunt, because I don't know her personally and I met her only few times, but now there might be a different one and I won't know that, but in this case Auntie would sound better, at least in English. So I sometimes think ''Auntie, while you bring me a letter today? Please.'' or ''Auntie, why didn't you brought any mail today? I was waiting''. This time I thought ''Why did you came so late? Maybe you knew when I'm not going to be home waiting.'' Haha, yes, I'm weird thinking like this.
But Destiny is the one who made me laugh while reading. Her letters are funny, first of all, her note, left for post workers:
Dear mail people, IF possible, could you avoid squishing this envelope! Thank you! and a little heart :D
When I saw this, it really made me laugh. This was written because inside there were three tiny stars and they still looked a little squished, but hopefully, I revived them to how they should have actually looked.

Today was even happier, because of the belated Halloween swap from Heather. Better later than never, right?
It's always amazing how people manage to add a lot of stuff and it doesn't seem like that from the outside at all.
Let's take a look here:

Candy. Extremely delicious pirate skulls and Marvel Heroes, who look like a board chalk, but then
melts on the tongue leaving a delicious taste.
Little decorations, who changed their color
in the picture no matter what.
the SPIRIT of CHILDREN wristband.
''Scary'' erasers
Glowing skull
Baloon with bats.
Cute and funny pencils, 
especially cat screaming ''EEEEK!''
This eye...no idea what's this :D
Tiny notebook on the keychain.
Pirate rubber rings. Aargh!:D

Halloween postcard <3
Vampire stickers and no, I'm not their fan.
Overall, I love these things, but I haven't found where to put some of them for a while. Now let's look forward to Christmas theme.


Maria said...

Almantina, I really enjoyed reading your post, especially the 'auntie' part :)
Great Halloween swap!

Almantina said...

Thank you :)