Day 1 part 3

Even in the dark and found the artificially made ​​ground bump to the back wall of the house. After removing the soil and picked up the box, opened and pulled out a velvet bag, and it was the key. This time she found a half-folded sheet of a surprise and it took the smell. She had putted everything back and pressed down on the heart, went back inside. Now picked out note, but it was just the words''let everything take care for Magna.''What could this mean? Who is this Magna? Melissa felt a failure and has decided now not to think about the person who refers to her godfather, but the climb to the attic. She built a chair, on which could climb to reach the ceiling, and unlocked the attic. Stairs went down. Attic, she finally could smell the odor, which was no longer at the bottom. Turned on the lamp and looked through the eyes of the whole loft. Soon realized that there was more stuff than ever. Specifically, there was a full range of boxes, and realized how come, all sealed with adhesive tape, and something written on the side. When he came to artimaiusos saw the inscription''clothes'',''stood on the adjacent bed in the bedroom'',''bedding from Melissa’s room''... and she wept again as soon as it saw. It is a bathroom, she thought, he knew that soon will die, and yet, here I come, therefore, retains all the items. It went from box to box and read the inscriptions. There were all of his books, all documents, even photographs. He was always neat man with many plans and dreams. Suddenly, she found a box for his books, and immediately tore. Inside were about two dozen notebooks, and on the top is written,''Melissa.''Quivering mass of the fingers and turned before our eyes again saw his handwriting, as if he would've just written. He wrote,''Dear Melissa, I am glad that you return to this house. Does it look like a year ago, the last time you saw him? And five years ago? I tried to leave it as it is always to meet you. Do not worry, even if I can not have more of the monitor that Magna will do.''

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