Haven't posted anything about them for a while. I would like to share a joy of gifts and letters, the ones I got most recently and which are undiscribable by words.
For example, letter from Basia and all the things she included. The envelope was big and I imediately noticed all those stamps.
The letter was long, one of the longest I got and I my reply is not too short, compared to it.
The thing that could make me say Kyaa, just like the title, was the anime/manga magazine.
And this poster inside. It's hanging in my room, in the company of horse posters.
Next that day I went to pick up package from Sweden, from Lizzie. She packed in a pair of heartwarming gloves, which I wear since and things like these:
There will never be too many horses for me ^^

That happy day was followed with this previous week when I got no letters and my box was sad and empty. But finally, the lucky Saturday came and brought letter from Japan.
The paper is cute as well- lucky they are! I love the stamp as well, I rarely get to see Asian, especially Japanese stamps, and it's always interesting.
And here's the back of the stationery used:

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Lizzie H said...

You got so many awesome stuff! I love the Japanese stamp :)