Where is my story going on?

I imagined the palce myself, but I mainly built on this actual place in Lithuania, called Ventės ragas. It's beautiful, isn't it?

And I found a perffect lighthouse, which should be standing on a same looking ground, a little further, but without that building next to him.
First I thought to choose this lighthiuse. What do you think which looks better? To me, that's important.
I have only imagined the place, I don't know how my characters looks like and I haven't made any other names besides Melissa and Magna. Women are most important in my stories, others, who are not, they don't need names. Unuseful information. I think of everything mostly while writing, unless I first type that to my cellphone and retype on laptop. So far, music helped me. I was listening to some trance, like Cosmic gate, some Japanese music, like Utada Hikaru, Eiko Shimamiya and Ayumi Hamasaki, also Cinema Bizarre ''Forever or never'' and my current addiction ernesto vs. bastian ''dark side of the moon''. Most of the trance songs I listen have beautiful words and dreamy tunes and they inspire me.

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