Otaku overload

Loud slam into my mailbox- as if it fallen down. Mailday! The only word I can't think of, and it's something big o.O
Few moments after that I was already behind my door, in my pj like always xD and took out this package from Poland.
Yuuup, the first thing I noticed was not something else, but an otaku magazine!
I completely forgot that Marta, my pen pal, said she found this magazine, so I wasn't expecting that. Hard to believe I could forget it. I was amazed and keep on chanting OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. And for this reason: there's about one of my fav anime and manga- Bakuman>>>>>

It always inspires me to work as hard as Takagi and Mashiro, I even want to be a mangaka like them :D but I'm not that good at drawing, maube I could be only behind the story. Basically, it's manga about drawing manga. How original can it be?^_^
And second thing I saw with tears of joy (this time), was about a drama that makes me cry, whenever I watch it. Girl with an incurable illness and her struggle to be strong no matter what. She was brave...It's based on real diary written by Aya, but of course, this seems more dramatic (I read a little of original diary, but I still have a long way to go to translate it).
So- One litre of Tears (一 リットル の 涙)。

Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo.
Marta has made me happy- I though it's impossible these days and until this morning I felt really upset because of all those visits to doctors. Thta brightened mood. Hopefullly, for long.
She added a novel in Polish as well and it will be one more exercise for me in learning her language. Oh...did you know that learning language helps to avoid loosing mind? You don't want to end up in madaman's house when you're old? Learn languages :)
And finally, her letter. It was quite short tho, so the tea I had prepared (like some sacral ritual here), went to waste, but oh well, I don't loose hope I can bring her to open up more to me.
My otaku collection is poorest of any obsession I ever had - these two amazing magazines, thanks to my Polish friends. You know that you live in awesome country?


Lizzie H said...

That is so awesome! I don't think we have any magazines about anime or manga. We do have certain fashion magazines though from Japan. Too bad they are way to expensive for poor lil me >:

Almantina said...

I can imagine that n.n but you have horse magazines. other countries are amazing besides us.

Lil' Kay said...

I hope the package I sent is at least almost as nice and this one you received.. :S I'm a bit worried over it because I need to send it as economy mail so it won't cost too much and I worry over the things I'm sending.. :S I hope you'll like those!!

Almantina said...

Already sent? I just hope it will come and not loose the way :) ut I'm I'll like it. Have I not enjoyed your letter even once?

Lil' Kay said...

Not yet but the package is ready and almost shut - I just wait for my salary so that I'll be able to send it :)
I'm not that sure whether you really enjoy my letters or not as I have this feeling that my letters are boring, quite short and impersonal.. :/

Almantina said...

I disagree! You don't have to try too much. They are already amazing, while I can't even send some stationeries, or use them for every letter and I'm always happy to receive such letters. They are interesting, you can see thta from the lenght of my reply :D there were things to talk about :p