Saturday a-gain, letters like to come when I'm  ot home. This time from Slovenia. Oh, I wish I could travel to the famous Lipica stud farm and see all these beauties by my own eyes. At least, I can enjoy few of their postcards.

I know, picture quality is horrible -_-
My dear friend from Slovenia, Teja, wrote me a colorful letter and used quite many stampings :D

In the end, it's a very beautiful letter.
And one more postcard, from Belgrade. Love it in the street and night lights.
This Monday was good, because finally Laurita's letter came. I wait for them a lot, because they are always original. Lots of different paper, folded in all ways and of course, she writes just the right amount :D
She's the only one who could think of making envelope out of notebook sheet :D
And drawings like this Bat man :D
And also, letter from Rina. HELLO KITTY <333

Reading these long letters were so much fun like usual, I can even forget where am I or that I will have to go out in some time. Reading letters is a priority :D

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