Day 6. I'm a goner

I couldn't help myself and look at few others how much they wrote and I regret doing that. They all are over 1o,00 and one is about to end at this rate o.O omo. I finally decided to write the book we already wrote with my friend. It's a fnafiction or not, but based on Kuroshitsuji anime. Of course, we changed Ciel to Girl(Orinta) and made it our way. here's the first chapter.

Watashi no Akuma
Chapter 1
My name is Orinta. I was fourteen years old when my parents died. I was lying in complete depression, although I was alive, my life was over. The days ran one after another similar to each other. Our House was once impressive. Majestic. In the courtyard stood a fountain, and the whole area was surrounded by a large garden. House’s interior was decorated with marble. Strong columns supported inside of the facade. All of that disappeared during the great fire. It took everything from me: home, parents, and myself.
We built this life for many years and all that disappeared over a half an hour. Just at that time I went home and saw a terrible picture of stagnant, my life, my home, parents and all that he had plunged into the flames highlights.
I stumble and gave at the will for tears. I felt as if the heart would be preparing to tear into pieces. I could not imagine what awaits me on.
''Why did I not die, why I was alive?''
The tears dried up and other thoughts rolled into my head.
''Maybe it's a sign that I have to live. I. I have an important task, doom not awaits me.''
Like hearing my thoughts, a voice came
-You will live. You have a task, but if you want, this may be withdrawn.
Calm voice encouraged me and although I have not seen a speaker, I said out loud.
-What happens if I refuse?
I knew the answer, but hope always remains that you made ​​a mistake, but ...
-You would die.
Isn’t that what I just wished for? Maybe it's my destiny has come to ask my opinion and announce its decision?
I made that decision.
-I agree.
Now you’ll find out the price. -Pleasant voice was threatening. -Return to life, you’ll give me your soul.
''Is it the devil? Strange, but I am not afraid.''
-I am prepared, you hear? quoth-determination. -Prove who you are?
-When the time came. First hear me. I am a demon, with whom you just sign the contract. I'll help you find the answer and will always be next, until your death. You gave me your soul, and after death you won’t go to heaven.
Since I must not move from you a single step, I will become your butler. People won’t find that suspicious, because you are a noble girl.
Our relationship is very strong, we will be both identified the same tag, which will be hiden. When removed, you will be able to command me and I can not disobey, but the bigger distance between us is, the weaker connection is. For that reason alone we will not be able to leave each other’s side.
I listened to his voice and began to feel Phantomhive familie’s ower. It flowed in my veins and I realized that now I have become an integral part of this sweet-voiced demon.
-Let it be. Mark me. I said, cold and hard, like Ice, voice.
Someone appeared behind me. I didn’t moved a bit and did not open my eyes.
-So, my dear Madam, what name will you give me?
The sound of his voice close to me made me shivere. He suddenly grabbed and turned me around and I saw incredibly beautiful creature. It was almost twice as my height, with long black hair falling on his face and a pleasant but somewhat sarcastic smile. He wore a butler suit, and his eyes were sparkling red, like the flame.
In my mind, I found the most suitable name.
He covered my right eye with the palm of his left hand and terrible pain pierced me.
-I’m listening, my Lord.


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A fellow Kuroshitsuji fan? :D Yay! Your fanfiction sort-of-idea is really cool!

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yup, I am :D thank you :)