Gaming, huh?

I couldn't be a geek and an otaku without gaming. This passion has just striked me(along with yaoi, but later about that) and I ended uo downloading a demo of a game ''Always remeber me''. It's an otome dating game. Otome is meant it's for girls and trying different routes of boys.
It was lots of fun and I would really want to play the whole game. The story is about the coulpe, who are lovey-dovey and they went to the beach on his motocycle. On their way back they get into car accident and end up in the hospital. The girl, Amy, was saved by her beloved Aaron, who receives all the damage and losts his memory, while Amy got only few bruises.
And then the fun begins with meeting other boys. A young and handsome doctor Eddy:

A collegue from her part time job in ice cream cafe. Forgot his name because I felt uninterested in him at once xD
Oh and of course the funny Hugh I felt in love with at once(a.funny.b.blue haired :D)who comes with these words:
Well, the main couple is really cute together...

Ahh! I want this game!!!><


Anonymous said...

Do you like BL games??? ^.^

Lil' Kay said...

I want to try that game as well!! >3<

Almantina said...

yes, I do
Lily, you can try it for free too.