Crazy idea

I just thought of counting letters I received during my snail mail experience. Maybe I was curious too, because my biggest rival is Cicero, who wrote 900 letters. Ok, I can beat that :D
2008 - 10
2009 - 16  
2010 - 24
2011 - 158 up to today :D consider 
that all these letters are replied(even twice, that happened :/)
and just few newest not replyed yet.
This number, a total of 208 has increased this year, because I started 
snail mailing with foreigneirs, so most of the letters still belong to my
Lithuanian pen pal (all in 2008-2009),
and 18 of them are now laying down
so lonely, because they were the only ones
I received from few people, who stopped. It might
happen again in the future, who knows...
I also feel curious to remember who were my first pen pals this year. So far only one of them dumped me, others remain. The most oldest ones are February 2nd from Ayaka, Japan; March 28th - Anette, Norway; March 30th - Louise, UK; April 14th - Joyce, China;April 16th - Lizzie, Sweden; April 20th - Tiia, Finland and Tanja, Germany; May4th - Frida, Sweden.
That brings nostalgic memories, because of the first experience with people around the world. I guess I will always remember how it felt to find a letter and smile widely like an idiot, but that feeling isn't gone. I still jump from happiness when I found a letter and impatient to read it right away. One difference is that I more enjoy it, no rush, have to make some tea before that too and eventually it became my ritual.
I wonder, does others, who are snail mailing, remember these first letters?
Here they are. Top, from left: three piles of this year's ones, nex two are: this year's Laurita's and next one is her first 3 year post. Below, from left: two piles of this year ones and few unreplied and the ones left out are from those who are not replying ever again...
I put all in rubber: when I receive 3 letters from one person, they go under rubber, each top on others so they will never get mixed, they won't fell without order, everything is ordered up, like in catallogue :D At least here it's perfect tidyness.
Would you like some chocolate?
These ones went to Rina, as a part of my Christmas gift for her. I hope it's avaible amount, because later I read that it's limited how many candies and chocolate you can send to USA, but unlimited to UK, Frnace, Spain, Germany...the most popular countries. I don't know about other countries tho...
And this is the lovely package that I sent to her (but before I carried it whole day with me in university) and it looks better than my messy desk xD

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