Day 1 part 2

Melissa came to the house and came out immediately could smell salt air, so characteristic of the sea. Last seen here a year ago. Then she was a graduate of the University and came to rest after tiring of studies and graduation ceremonies. The girl studied the ecology. This science is not chosen for nothing. Therefore, it is just thankful to her god-father, who introduced her to the seaside scenery and wildlife, together took the boat ride and first taught hundreds of Latin names. Unfortunately, he did not receive the moment to see a younger generation of their ecological, who started work.
 House looked deserted, like a lonely old man in a nursing home. The girl looked up the weather-beaten walls of the wind, and then turned around and looked carefully into the lighthouse, which hid the last rays of the sun.
The first night she could not sleep. Just unlock the door keys and gently pressing them, she heard the squeaking crunch. Inside was nice. There was always calm and warm, even if the field encircle sea storm. Instinctively remembered where the light switch and pressed it. Covered much room in its light was not bright light almost broken. The kitchen was just as you enter through the door. Instead of a table there was a kitchen cabinet used, which fit all the necessary things, as well as incorruptible and long products. When she open it found nothing, then checked the refrigerator. It is also empty. ''Maybe somebody arranged after his death,''she thought. Everything was sterile clean, even the cup did not have any spots of tea, all sort of places for yourself.
There was only one floor. Next to the kitchen was a bedroom, which was suitable for the role and work the room, the kitchen devoted to a wall. On the other side, in front of the room was the bathroom. Melissa's baptism father made it not worse like the ones in the city.. The last room in the house was as same size as the kitchen. She remembered that always, when she would come, stay overnight there. Now came into the room and saw it as a blank, not even the linen on the bed. Surprisingly, his mother should have worned her before going to pick it up on their own. Does house have been arranged without her knowledge? And the sterile in the kitchen ... what it took for? Melissa's eyes became wet with tears, that there isn't a single sign left that her baptism father lived here. She went to check his room as well, though she already was sure ot find it empty. She checked every single spot of the house and there was nothing- clothes, his things- did they threw it all away? Tears turned into a heart-wrenching wail. She sat on the ground, hugged knees and cryed for a while. Suddenly a thought came to her mind. Attic! Only knew about it, they both, but the key to the secret door was always agreed on the spot. She immediately jumped up and ran out of legs and into the field. It was dark and the wind increased. Lighthouse gully as the air is always at night and she loved to look through the loft box to it. It seemed that the radius of the pivot straight up by a festival in her eyes, but it only covered the air above her head and came back again.

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