Day 2 part 2

I understood from where my godfather knew so much about the environment as a whole and where all the words came from. Now I looked to Magna in a different way. She smiled at me and rises boils water for tea, then sat down again and continued.
When the house was finished, he briefly went back to the city, and then informed the parents about his decision and, although hard, but they recognized the son's choice, and then he permanently moved to here. From here through the entire life he has left a few times. I knew about you a lot from his stories, he was happy to become your godfather. Unfortunately, so far we have not met at least once.
You see this lighthouse? Previously, there stood other, but before your first arrival here was replaced by the old. ''Why?''Melissa said. ''He was in poor condition and seemed to quickly collapse. Guess who was the initiator of all this change?''She grįžtelėjo insensibly in the direction where the lighthouse stood, as if it is not so far seen. ''I can not believe that he died so young'', suddenly cried Melissa. She was so uncomfortable to show her tears to this relatively unknown female, but all those memories tore apart still fresh wounds. Magna stood up. ''Let's go to the lighthouse''she said. Outside was already dark, but both knew all the roads, and the lighthouse and the light beam did not reign in full darkness. Travel a little delayed, but the beacon in the dark and standing nearby, looked uncomfortable. He was tall and dark, striped like a candy, white and black. Magna came first, and she timidly followed. Inside, the old woman took the old lamp and the two began to be curled up the stairs to the top. Inside the cavity was filled with the smell of emptyness and no one knows whence comes shudder ran back balm. Image at the top was amazing, like a bird's eye view. Melissa saw a dark brick water on all sides. She was following the lighthouse beam traveling from one side to another. Then looked at Magna, which stood and watched with her. The girl became curious about why they came here. ''On the last day of construction where a man was killed''as if nothing happened, said Magna. ''He jumped out of the same''he added suddenly. ''Why?''Melissa without knowing anything knit brows. Magna silent for a while, the wind occasionally crossed their faces and fly away. ''He knew he had cancer and had no more strength to live.''Melissa froze. ''Your baptism father when he knew he’s sick, first informed me, but he never thought about it, or at least did not give in to that fear and he was still the same active and happy until his last days.''
Until he returned two spoke no word. Magna helped Melissa to replace bulb, prepared dinner for her and soon left. Melissa only then realized to ask her about where she lives and was a little worried that she has released alone Although she knew that the woman here after spent her whole life, but who knows what could happen. She was excited after she heard about the man's suicide. Magna looked like a cold-blooded woman to her. After dinner, she again turned a notebook and spent the entire evening reading. Something had been still bothering her, so that ultimately led that she putted the notebook away and decided to back up in the attic to look through boxes. This time, while looking at them all, her eyes caught the inscription''Magna''. Quivering mass of the fingers opened the box and looked inside .There were a few files, which had been written a number of stapled securities. She did not recognize the handwriting, and therefore thought that it would probably be written by Magna. In some leaves of herbs were mentioned in the other various recipes, and then the leaf, which she recognized the handwriting. She hurried to read it Magna never told me why she spent a lifetime here and decides not to create a family. She has always changed the subject and it seemed strange to me because she was like a mother to me. Sometimes I remember my own, but I do not want to see her often. She looks to me with pity, what I do not want to. Magna, like me, pretends that all is well.
Melissa read it all several times and did not understand what he wrote. What a sad thought his mother had to be not seeing her son. The fact that he has cancer, she just overheard a quiet conversation between their mothers. She immediately intervened and asked to explain what that means. It was a severe blow, and the remaining months before his death trying to defend this idea forward, she did not want to live with it. Upon the sad news she was crying not only for him, but also because the last time saw him long ago. Did not have time to talk about many things. Left unsaid words a lot, felt remorse, never not visited, although she could. Before the day of the funeral took holidays from work for an indefinite period of time and left. And still believes that the better life will spend here, as he did.
Hardly slept that night in the morning, felt little refreshing, but had the determination to re-meet Magna. Location was not great, so she decided that she can find her house, or ask the locals. Found a house quickly, because she saw her in the field, collecting vegetables. ''Melissa, I’m surprised to see you here.''Irony has not been a woman's voice, as though the words sounded.'' ''I decided to walk around’’ she lied to her defense. ''Then do not be a stranger and come inside.''Her house was larger, but also one-storey, as well as other houses in this area. Inside smelled of spices. In the middle of the kitchen stood a table covered with an ancient cloth. Pot was mounted on a stove, seething inside boiling water. Melissa has been invited to sit and she did that, and then looked at Magna, who in non-emergency motion washed, cleaned and cut up vegetables, then poured into a pot stir gently and covered. Then, still slowly, wiped her hands and let the hair. Melissa gasped seeing how her silver hair wavered on her back. ''What happened?''Magna asked, and tied up the hair of the topknot and bind. ''N-nothing'' girl went red a little bit of the disorder. She could not say that she had a dream of her. ''Will you stay for lunch?'' ''I would be happy to. ''So what did you wanted to say?''Said, as if reading the message. ''How do you know?'' ''I see from your eyes.''Melissa gathered courage and asked,''Why did you never left this place? Why did you not created your own family?''

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