Day 3

Yeah, a busy day. I only ate in the morning at 6.30 am, then after all lectures I was at home only 14.20 pm and after 10 min.headed out to PE and finally was home after 17 pm -_- and had some food and watched a movie with a friends. There weren't any more time to write, so I only re-written what I typed to my cell today. That is so few, I'm going to work up for that in next days.

''Because I did not have a picture of a family in my eyes, I did not know how a family looks like.
I have not seen many people in so I'd be scared in the city.''She paused and then mixed the soup.
Later she told Melissa about the locals. The oldest man has topped the century. There weren’t many children, when they would become teenagers, they would depart to start life in the city. Women worked alongside men. Helped cleaning up the fish after fishing, prepared the spices, cooked meals.
Houses often had freshly coated in order to resistant to wind and rain. Every autumn there is sea storm, the wind brings high-speed water spray, in the summer there is torrential salty rain. In winter there is always warmer. Falling wet snowflakes just by touching the earth melted. Very rarely ice paralyzes everything.

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