Day 2 part 1

I'm going one today well and wrote over 800 words in a one go. It's my last day of today so I will try to write 3,000. Here's what I already wrote.

Who knew that she’ll find out who’s Magna  much faster than expected and very unexpected way. Rain in the evening suddenly became calm and the sky was completely blue, red sun appeared. Melissa went to the field and headed toward the coast lighthouse. The whole environment hasen’t changed, people had no intention here to dwell, only old fishermen lived further, who have spent a lifetime here. And then she saw. A woman standing near the lighthouse. It looked for a time in an expanse of water, and Melissa stopped unintentionally. Then, as suddenly the women discarded all clothes and wait for nothing jumped into the water. The girl thought the woman wants to commit suicide and headed there. She was not a good swimmer, in fact, a complete primer, but to save human life has become more important. When she jumped into the water, dove, and opened her eyes, but did not see anything. ''Was I late and she sank to the bottom?''Feared this. Then someone grabbed her by the arm, as if she were drowning and pulled to the surface and only got where it is understood that this is the same woman I saw. ''Maybe you crazy?''A woman called out on it. Melissa just pulled on shore realized how cold the water and began to shake with whole body. ''I thought that you want to commit suicide.'' ''Do you believe an old woman to be so stupid?'' Melissa did not say anything, she was just staring at the woman she saw in a dream tonight. The woman also stopped and looked Melissa squint, as if she was a strange sculpture. ''You ...'' she tried to say something, but just missed out on and hugged Melissa tightly. The girl jumped into the water with all the clothes and they were wet through, but felt a strong embrace of a woman, knew how warm her body is. Finally, the woman let her go. ''I know who you are, I was waiting for you.''''It's you ... you cleaned home, right?'' ''Yes, house after his..., she stopped for a moment, death would have been easily eaten by salt wind . I think you did not even noticed that he was repainted.''Melissa recalled the words of the notebook. ''Magna!''She suddenly exclaimed. It is you that Magna?'' ''Yes, Melissa, I am pleased to finally meet you.''

They returned to the house and a girl disguised with dry clothes, and at the same time Magna prepared a hot broth. The two sat in the kitchen, because there was less memory and Magna told how they got acquainted with the god-father. ''I am a local fisherman's daughter ...'' she began to tell.
I am a local fisherman's daughter. My mother wasn’t from these places, so she failed to adapt to the climate, and my birth even more detrimental to her health. She died before the children still do not understand myself, so I do not recall anything about it. Father since then to spend the day sailing the waters, but I grew up in one. I would be lying to say that I have no one iwho neglected, since it was mother of your godfather, who tbrought me into her house, who did not survive long neglected, and fed, and try to do the washing, that I not only feel saturation, but to be dressed as well. Then gradually befriended her. Your baptism father was not yet born, when his mother and her husband moved out here decided that to give birth to a child is not safe here. I've had nearly ten years. My father no longer living too long. Grief and constant fatigue overcame even the man who has spent life in the water. At one of the most learned everything. He arrived here only as a teenager, when I was already a young woman. Young, but lonely. He came to seek his native home, but found only ruins, but then he met me. Saw me covering one and immediately offered to help me. He was always good-natured man. Fell in love with this place and after the first visit, decided to built a house here, the same thing, which is now sitting. Quickly went back and I thought taht it is only a temporary adolescent enthusiasm, so I was very surprised when after a couple of months later he was back here. Imported all materials by himself and with the help of local men built this house. He matured early, the work made ​​him stronger. When he made friends with local people and they introduced him to fishing and touched about fish. During the construction, he stayed with me, I  have gladly shared my own experiences and taught him to know this place and the world. He was like a son to me.

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