Starry sky

I was downloading Starry sky~in spring~ otome game for three days with everything needed: game, english patch and a programm I needed for ISO files. I also had to make my computer into Japan's locale and I left it that way, even though in some programms it's all Japanese, I have a photographic memory for what I need, maybe I'll learn some Japanese from this too?  I did everything myself and I was doing it first time, so I learned new things(I'm so proud of myself).
But I'm not about it. I went a whole game in two days with Kanata's route.
It would take time to describe his character which I learnt way better than from anime. Starry Sky anime these three guys are the main ~in spring~ heroes too. Kanata_Nanami was my favorite from the beginning of anime, because he id voiced by one of my fav seiyuus- Tomokazu_Sugita. So I knew where I'll start with the game.
I really enjoyed game more than anime, because of the graphics and beautiful music. I would like to share my made video with the most beautiful music from the game. I also added real star pictures and it fits well. I always liked stars and this was even more fun to play, because the setting is in the Seigatsu High school, which specializes in astronomy and the heroine(me :D)
is the only female enrolled in all-male High school. But she is with her childhood friends, Kanata Nanami and Suzuya_Tohzuki. And finally, French(he-is-annoying) Yoh_Tomoe comes from France to study here just because he wanted to see ''me'' again.
Now I'm looking forward to get Starry sky~in winter~, because of Shiranui Kazuki.
Another one voiced by one of my fav seiyuus, Nakamura Yuuichi.
And here's the promised video, I hope you will understand why I like what I'm about to show you.

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